Auch kleine Dinge helfen! Der hat nun ein Wattmeter zum direkten Messen von Stromstärken und Spannungen. Damit können nun @CosmoGecko's in Leistung gemessen werden und unser Projekt gebaut werden. Danke @andreashornig für die Spende.😇

@foks so that means you wanna see more quadrocopters from ? :) We are currently building projects for the and one of them is a drone project Shall we post more updates then? :) @andreashornig

@krautspace yes :3 And more people to follow too.
I love flying freestyle fpv

@foks are you close to ? We have a monthly in . It is open for everyone and we talk about and build various drones there. One if the mentioned . Feel invited! :)

@krautspace not at all, haha. I'll see you peeps at camp though.
We also have some quad people @revspace but not too many fediverse users.

@foks @revspace that would be lovely! Bring your quadcopter and we will have a drone flight together! :)
You will find our ground on the village we intend to fill with life during and our intended drone project :).

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