Alikulku or in English underpass rave! That was really cool. Lots of drum and bass. With proper bass and high speakers!

Today playing at Original Student festival! L
Let's go! Later also at a smaller rave!

Had a lovely boat party gig yesterday!
Perfect weather and timing.

So thats why you are not getting a new podcast episode. Beause I am busy getting money for new music for the podcast :D

Today at Fiva concert with Ami and her dad as support. Really awesome.
And in two days to Albania to enjoy dnb with the sun.

I am very sorry that first the upload is really late: I had a complete PC brake down and had to wait for the new parts.
Secondly that the first 10 minutes of audio are missing: Turns out also sound engineers of other companies can have bad days too.
I think the quality is still fine and this time there is also the video available:
So enjoy!

Stream was provided by Leuchtkraft:

Love my new computer... 3h video in 30min nice...
Yes lockdown dance party video! Should be up some time soon on my youtube.
Until then prepare for Saturday, 6 PM UTC!

This is how nuclear physics looks like... :blobpats:

Not really working with the thing... I did some networking underneath... – a Fediverse instance for & by the Chaos community