My work on SIMD stuff in kf is now blocked on what seems to be a compiler error. Compiling with -march=native gives an exe that crashes wine with a page fault on (-1). I have submitted a small test case to the Debian bug tracker.

Debian mingw cross-compilers are still on gcc-8, hopefully they will upgrade to gcc-9 at some point. Maybe it fixes this problem, I've heard tell that it fixes the mingw C++ std::thread issues (apparently Arch can cross-compile OpenEXR without the hacks I needed).

Maybe next week I will try to install a minimal Arch in a chroot and see.

@mathr you could also try and see if you can whip up a nix environment with the right compiler versions. It also has some cross-compilation infrastructure.

ps: hope you're good! developing for windows now eh!? 😆

@krgn yep all good here. how same for you!

I forked/took over a windows fractal program when the original author gave up on it, works fine in wine so I haven't felt like making a linux native version.


@mathr Yeah doing alright here too, same old pretty much.

> I forked/took over a windows fractal program [..]

I see, ok! Phew :)

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