New day, new attempt building LineageOS. This time using 16 cores and 60GB of RAM. Building VERY FAST now.

When a fan interrupted last night's minute's silence for the victims of the attack in by singing the German national anthem, another simply bellowed:

"Halt die Fresse!" (=shut up!)

Now, is trending in 🇩🇪👏

Ah, I always love it when some douche agency shits out terrible apps. "Innovative software- and hardware solutions for public transport" - my ass. And this is just the beginning, the whole app is filled with bugs one stranger than the other.

Eine weitere Website die ich wohl nie wieder nutzen werde 💩

You look BEAUTIFUL Australia!

100,000 in Sydney
100,000 in Melbourne
Record breaking crowds in Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and all around the country

The Global has gotten off to a historic start 💚

Deutsche Burger.

(Das ist die ganze E-Mail - kein Text.)

Adventures of spam, episode 69:

Spammer notices their emails regarding an offer that isn't even related to me are a bit "excessive" (about two per day).

Sehr nützlich, dann kann ich den *.exe-Anhang ja bedenkenlos öffnen.

Dieser Toot wurde von deiner Mutter auf Viren geprüft.

I came to really enjoy the fullscreen gestures under MiUI, this app replicates it perfectly for any ROM:

Unfortunately closed-source, so use the old network data disabled trick.

- side swipe: back
- far side swipe: cycle between apps
- bottom swipe: home
- far bottom swipe: app switcher

Für einen Moment dachte ich, nimmt die Rezo-Antwort selbst in die Hand

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