Wahl im Ersten:

"...AfD 4,7%..."

*Jubeln im Studio hörbar*

Drumgizmo is amazing, when you play the HiHat open and then close it, it actually closes the HiHat and stops the open sound! 🤯

So here's another piece of fuckery! When the network or CPU performance dips for a microsecond, it messes with the playback speed of FLAC files, take a listen:


Neuigkeiten aus dem Innovationsstandort Heilbronn: die erste Pofalla-Wende bei S-Bahnen geglückt!

Das Fühl wenn man noch eine Flasche Mate im Schrank findet

My favorites:
Smile Meditation (works 100% btw)
Back Pocket
Cory Wong
Animal Spirits

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I joined the devil's club and used JSX... with Vue... 😱

Honestly, for small snippets it's even pretty decent. For larger templates with loops, events and stylings - no thank you.

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New features: difficulty options for Training mode and helper texts!

Wegen musste heute nur kommen, wer sich den Schulweg zumuten konnte. Da nur 62 Schüler*innen heute morgen erschienen sind, fällt der Unterricht komplett aus.


Soon on Kickstarter: an e-book reader with a kickstand, so you have both hands free for snacks and voice control or eye tracking so you don't have to cover it with chips grease.

@rugk @cybastl I used to spend too much time on my phone scrolling through feeds.

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