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School WiFi got an upgrade, let's hope it stays like that!

are they though? 🤔🤔 plesae respond quickly i need to know thE FACTS! look at them GRApJHS! 🙀

Always wanted to check out (aka. "the next big thing in web dev") but never got time for it? ⏰

🔥 I've got a 10-tweet crash course for you! 👇

(Spoiler alert: Svelte is so intuitive and easy to use that you may feel like you already know it! 🥳)

„Etwa 24.000 Rechtsextremisten gebe es in Deutschland, so der Innenminister - geschätzt die Hälfte davon potenziell gewaltbereit.“

Aber zum Glück haben wir kein Naziproblem, sind ja nur Einzeltäter. :thisisfine:

just don't
Step 8: PROTECTING your internet connection.

You should be using a VPN when using the internet.

DO NOT use a VPN when dealing with banking services or anything confidential, but do use it when publicly surfing the internet.

Using DuckDuckGo in combination with this will help

Running self-built version of LineageOS now, feeling good :D

Hey @IzzyOnDroid, do you also host the normal Keepass2Android app in your repo?

#### build completed successfully (46:19 (mm:ss)) ####


New day, new attempt building LineageOS. This time using 16 cores and 60GB of RAM. Building VERY FAST now.

# failed to build some targets (03:35:48 (hh:mm:ss)) #

alright this is it

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