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Für den Pfad zum Ziel des Lebenslabyrinth gibt es leider kein A* - da muss gebruteforct werden.

Vue and Typescript isn't as nice of a couple as I'd like it to be. Dare I say it, React might even work out better in that regard. Vue 3 looks promising though.

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You sit there not visiting Give it a quick try now with your speakers cranked!

Feel a little tired? Connect your speakers, preferably ones with at least 1000 watts, crank the volume and visit

Greetings to the nice neighbours from Camp ❤

At last year's congress, there was a jam session station (keys, e-drum kit...). Is anyone aware whether that's a thing this year too?

💿 Favorite albums of 2019:

By Busty and the Bass: Uncommon Good; Lift
By Lawrence: Living Room
By Lucky Chops: Lucky Chops (2019)
By Displace: Undertow
By Marti Fischer: Album Eins
By Yung Bae: BAE 5
By Kyle Thornton & The Company: Space to Move, Pt. 1

Wow, the new K9 mail looks really slick!

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Aus $GRÜNDEN sammeln @Bleeptrack und ich witzige Schlagzeilen mit Technik- oder Chaosbezug! Helft uns, die lustigsten zu finden, und schlagt eure eigenen vor:

Stickers are here:

New beta releases of Signal are rolling out now. They include the first two default sticker packs, and you can start sending them right away. Artists can also use the Signal Desktop beta to upload custom stickers.

Here's a little countdown to everyone's favorite winter event! 🚀

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Da ist sie – unsere ganz neue Webseite! Wie schön sie geworden ist!

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