weird superpower: brain seems fully rested after ~3h sleep

weird consequence: a 9pm-1am sleep cycle

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one of the weird things about this sleep cycle is wanting to respond to messages at like 3am and realizing that maybe one should wait until Normal People Hours

to be fair, said repo is something i wrote specifically for members of this polycule

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so, $girlfriend just filed a bug against one of my repos *while we were on a date*

is this peak tech lesbian or what

(This is by no means a "free pass" for *taking* happiness at others' expense. It's still wrong to make things that hurt people; or to hurt others to pursue your happiness.

But if you're doing the best you can, ethically speaking, you're *allowed to be happy*.)

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I've seen so many close friends succumb to this: they see others in tech do Wrong, see rhetoric that simplifies things to "tech == bad", & decide they're bad for enjoying doing stuff w/ computers.

Put work into being ethical; but don't martyr yourself.

You deserve to be happy.

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I don't know who needs to hear this, but: just because there are a lot of toxic people who like <field> doesn't mean _you're doing anything wrong by enjoying it_.

it’s hard to have a confident sense of self-value when there’s so often an economic incentive for managers to understate your worth, so they can keep the cost of employing you down

β€œimposter syndrome” isn’t a bug in the way our industry works; it’s an intentional β€œfeature”

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we talk about β€œimposter syndrome” a lot in our communities, but rarely does anyone explain that it’s actually a complex trauma reaction, like cPTSD

capitalism motivates employers to constantly play down our worth; and it winds up gaslighting us into thinking we don’t have value

i propose a new language refinement: a new conditional selection operator, `γ€³ Β° β–Ύ Β° 〡`, structured after an arctic bird

this is, of course, referred to as the tern-ary operator

eventually, after scrying meaning from documents like the USB 3 and USB 4 specifications for years; lesser deep magic like necromancy seem relatively straightforward

(p.s. no one at GSG asked me to tweet this or anything; I just legit think Mike Walters is a good guy and have faith in his abilities)

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Or, put another way: I'm pretty darned sure that has the right tech skills to keep GSG's promises regarding the LUNA campaign.

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Since folks have asked: I -believe- that GSG's future LUNA soft/gateware development will be done by a team incl. Mike Walters (

I obvs can't speak for GSG or their plans; but I have a lot of faith in Mike Walters & his ability to implement nMigen+USB stuffs.

me: giving little problem sets (like capture-the-flags) as part of your job application process seems not-great for e.g. folks who are responsible for primary care of a child; it's something we need to do better about as an industry

also me: omg puzzles πŸ’œ

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