I swear: a good sportsbra is like a superpower

this means my brain has a good enough grasp of the language, but still constructed a viewpoint-dream-self who wasn’t as good at German as the NPCs it created

this has the weirdest cognitive implications

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how do brains even work

I just had a dream where I was in Germany; and struggling to keep up with everyone else’s German. I made mistakes and the locals corrected me

... but the dream was all in actual German. My brain is now good enough at German to create NPCs to “correct” me

cursed reality: probably-vulnerable Bluetooth sunglasses that somehow make airpods seem normal

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i saw this ad and assumed it was for a sportsbra, given i get lots of ads for those, but nope, it’s for musical sunglasses because everything is completely normal over here in the US

This is how little representation lesbians get in media: we're completely ready to read between the lines and see all the subtle sapphic hinting without ever expecting girls to ever actually be gay.

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(it's one of those games where they ignore your character's gender and thus the princess kissing you can be gay; Dragon's Dogma)

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[us, playing a video game]

*two girls onscreen look each other in the eye*
qyriad> oh -that's- gay

*the girls lean in and kiss each other on the lips*
qyriad> oh wait that's actually gay

how the heck do I have a cold?

the only person @qyriad@twitter.com or I have interacted with in the last week or two has been the grocery delivery driver

I could make some myself but once I get the recipe right I’d never be healthy again

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if any of my followers are on mid-LI (like Suffolk county), hit up garguilosbakery.com/ and enjoy some of their amazing cookies for me (especially their horseshoe cookies omg)

disclaimer: it’s been like 15 years since I’ve had them, but still >.>

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what I really want, to be honest, is one of those towering plates of various Italian cookies that only seem to be good stateside when you get them fresh from a NY bakery

but, alas, I’m in Colorado

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on twitter, the poll is there to sate people’s need to type either “cake” or “pie” in response

gonna do what @qyriad@twitter.com and I want anyways

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hmm, re: diet and thanksgiving

should I skip pie and just have cake this year?

2020 feels like that kind of year, and if I’m giving myself one day to not be on a diet, fuck if I don’t kind of want cake

them> you know, webcomics? online comics?
me> oh, those things for people with the cognitive ability to remember to check a thing every few days

*checking my notes for what I was working on last week*

... oh

if I wasn’t a coward I’d have tagged Denny’s; but I’m not ready for any dystopia that might involve the phrase “Denny’s isn’t looking for a relationship right now”

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unsolicited and uncomfortable flirting is already a core part of the twitter experience I don’t know how I’d handle it if it also came from e.g. Denny’s

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terrified of the near future when the fleet bar at the top of the twitter app is going to have the sponsored equivalent of Wendy’s flirting with me

you, an intellectual: uhhh, Kate?
me, a dumbass lesbian: huh what?

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