I think, over the past few years, this brain has gotten to the point where, if faced with any accusation or strong enough assertion, it’ll struggle to rewrite internal history in order make memories match the external statement.

Abuse is wild.

alt text: a photo in which our hair is covering our face and the photo‘s been made a blue grayscale so no one can tell our ip is

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online tip: always cover your face with your hair and add all of the twitter filters so no one can figure out your ip address

the un-nuanced take of “how can you support an open hardware project if it’s maintainers are <citizens of …>?” 1) completely ignores that most people don’t generally have a choice of where they were born or live, and 2) seems to incredibly selectively applied

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quick reminder that opposing a country and its actions doesn’t mean you should hate the people who live in that country

legit question, though — how am I supposed to bring back the 30-50 feral hogs meme while my small kids play

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“you’re old”, claims my wife, “you’re allowed to be way out of date”

[she’s trying to convince us to revive the 30-50 feral hogs meme]

just about finished moving into a new place; which means yet another new lab arrangement~

if you’ve ever wondered what you get when you ask an ai to generate a religious figure, here it is

the DALL-E llama

petition to rename “NFTs” to “pogs” to fully encapsulate their value as collectibles

ich kann regelmäßig 3-4 Std schlafen und bin okay, aber... zwei Std versuchen irgendwie mein Glück

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es ist so so spät und wir können nicht weiterschlafen T_T

… zwei Std sollte ausreichen, oder? >.>

this body is cursed to stare intently into the camera whenever a camera shot is taken

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setting up the new lab after a move, and i'm starting to suspect i'm doomed to have a half-lit face from here on out

plural people are hereby exempt from figuring out the reason for their lives

because, y’know, the purpose of a system is what it does

if you reverse engineer a bunch of undocumented registers, and then create an “undocumented register” page on a wiki, is the list empty or full? 🤔

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