The new version of @dino is out and that's great, despite all this I don't recommend him (yet). When I make recommendations, they should be aimed at a wide range of clients. That's why I still recommend for the desktop, even if it's a bit cumbersome for newbies but it works on all three major systems.

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@ademalsasa great news! Have yet to try #Dino as it is another client that supports natively #OMEMO. In the meantime, #Gajim covers that spot quite well with the plugin, and I'm experimenting with #Poezio on the terminal.

More client support on OMEMO is definitely welcome for privacy in XMPP!


@kzimmermann @ademalsasa @kubikpixel if only someone could make a reasonably modern UI xmpp client for windows I would be forever in their debt:)

Currently, most XMPP clients are stuck somewhere in the 90s.

Thank you DINO for taking a stand against ugly ass UIs ;)

I'm not kidding when I say that this is likely the single most important reason XMPP is not getting adopted. Someone please skin one of these apps.

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