Why am I still using VirtualBox from Oracle and not QEMU/KVM using libvirt?

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@metaphil This is what I was waiting for, this is the only correct and acceptable answer! :awesome:

@kubikpixel Because I still have an XP image from the ancient times I don't wanna loose. (For some reasons.)

And the second one is, that I'm too lazy to migrate.
(I hope it is possible?)

I remember a third one: My last laptop did nit support qemu, because if the lack of some processor features. On the "new" one I did not test it. (See 'second' reason.)

@kubikpixel I don't use it at all anymore, but I'm a Big Nerd. I wish projects like Gnome Boxes would get more love, IMO that's the kind of seamless UI people want for wider scale adoption.

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