Yes, they patched it, but I still don't like , also because it was (partially) bought by . I use the decentralized solution @keyoxide for this and yes it is more complex but you only do this once and then you have it. Apart from that there should now be a for it.

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@kubikpixel @keyoxide

Wow, this is nice. I will try this once I created a new #PGP key.

The instructions seem to be easy for someone who is well acquainted with the command line and GPG. However, I think an "average user" wouldn't understand what the fuzz is all about. I think the webpage should explain what an "online identity proof" is, and for which people this is important (e.g. NOT for anonymous accounts!). The concept of an "online identity" is pretty abstract, and I think most people wouldn't understand what this has to do with encryption.

A shiny and easy GUI app that guides the user through the steps would make it easier to use. E.g. it automatically installs GPG, creates a key pair, and instructs the user to make the posts to the respective platforms. On Android, the app could use OpenKeyChain, but I'm not sure whether it provides an interface to automatically create a key pair.

@maxi @kubikpixel you are spot on on many aspects there!

- yes, one needs advanced tech skills and this is not ideal
- the website is too vague on defining certain concepts
- we need apps/gui and an android app should work with openkeychain

I am currently working on a big overhaul of the website and the information it displays. Within months, I hope to release an android app that does most of the basic functions.

I'll post updates as soon as something is ready :)

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