I forget: No. 5 will blow your mind 🤯 - 😉😅

@kubikpixel you rang?

taskwarrior and timewarrior (and bugwarrior) are must have :)

@bekopharm absolutely and bugwarrior is more for developer other CLI cowboys/girls can use the other tools also fine.

@kubikpixel eh? I disagree. bugwarrior pulls _tasks_ from whatever ticket system is plugged into it.

Not only devs work with tickets :P

@kubikpixel if you use taskwarior and time warrior, you could give a look to: github.com/AnotherKamila/tasks
It's pretty nifty and I use it every day *along* the CLI tools ^^.
And if you ever want to setup a TW server, take a look at this: git.sr.ht/~evilham/cdist-evilh

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