The is NOT a and or even a good engine, it is only with a other "green" skin - not more not less 🤷

Go out and plant your own and you have a bigger impact on your environment as a lazy click 🌳 🌲

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@kubikpixel Simple question: Do or don't they plant trees? By going out and planting one or few trees, I'll not achieve anything, especially given I am living in a tightly populated city area.

@z428 Look around you and find people who are doing something for environmental protection and species preservation in your area, maybe you can join them. The city is not infinitely large and you can also get to its edge in an environmentally friendly way. You will also be surprised how much nature there is in the city itself and you can possibly contribute.

@kubikpixel Sure, I am doing this. But I can't really find anything bad about something like Ecosia trying to be a low-bareer way to reach users you don't reach any other way. And if they stick to their promises - well why not. Isn't that what we read about fighting climate change everywhere? Every contribution matters, no matter how small?

@z428 this is also only the green part of the surveillance capitalism this grooming your conformation bias.

@kubikpixel Hmm... still I wonder whether the surveillance capitalism is, in general, "greener" than a lot of the technologies that strive for preserving privacy as top priority.

@z428 nope, you'r even was in a server farm ore see any one? some of this have hes own power plant etc. we here not talking about the gray energy this come on the top BTW.

@kubikpixel Yes. And I have seen the way they are able to optimize their hard- and software in order to reduce power consumption, airflow, ... in a way few people or structures with smaller infrastructure are even remotely capable of doing. That's something you can do way easier with *loads* of infrastructure rather than if you just have one or two off-the-shelf servers in some local datacenter. Not even talking about being able to choose where your power supply comes from or what ...

@kubikpixel ... happens to heat. Would be interesting to compare ecologic footprint and energy efficiency of, say, an SME datacenter, small-scale self-hosted infrastructure and a Google/Amazon datacenter, for a moment. If you have data on that - really would be great to read.

@z428 Yes, so far, but the fact that they use their hardware and software more efficiently and thus more energy-efficiently has mainly economic reasons and not ecological ones, the second is simply easier to sell as a story. Don't let yourself be blinded too much.

@kubikpixel Of course. But isn't that how we try to optimize, say, fuel usage by John Doe as well - make it more expensive and provide economic motivation to buy bicycles or use public transport? Sure there's a lot of greenwashing going on here, and still I wonder whether that, in the end, matters if the desired effect is achieved?

@kubikpixel Well, I agree that they aren't good/secure/private.
But they are not aiming on that, nor claim they are.
And they actually plant trees, so, better make people use that to plant trees than use G**gle or B!ng and not plant trees.

@mihira But they do it cheeky as hell even though they're not, it's just another hipster sturtup that likes to paint itself green.

@kubikpixel Yeah, I don't agree with this practice as well. But seems like a standard on our surveillance capitalistic society.
That also explains how they manage to plant trees. With the money from users data.
Is there any "click plant tree search" that respects user privacy today?

@mihira only plant tree is nothing, how long stand the tree, when are this planted, this are planted for the wood industry etc., is planted on the right spot on earth 🤷 c'mon don't waste my time with click activism to buy your self a good feeling.

@kubikpixel Yeah. Better just donating to reforestation projects. Or taking part at one. Btw, do you know any good ones to donate?

@mihira Eden Reforestation Projects seems good. As it happens, Ecosia works with them.

@mihira That, plus:

GAFAM could "decide" one day that planting trees is good for their business (i.e. for PR/propaganda reasons). However, Ecosia won't (and legally can't) buyout to shareholders. This is also mentioned in the above article.


@maxi @kubikpixel Yeah, green-washing is always good for PR. However they will never be able to speak for data rights / privacy, cus they would bankrupt if so.

@kubikpixel is ecosia so bad as a search engine? I mean the results are actualy not good, that's the main reason why I do not use it

@Schnatty it is a privacy & security nightmare and only a of GAFAM propaganda/PR machine for there green paint.
I personal don't support this hipster startup bullshit.

@kubikpixel well sure I understand your criticism, but #ecosia could use a different search engine under the hub, did they not in the beginning? If ecosia would be the main competitor to privacy respecting and non-tracking / advertising alternatives I have to admit I would be a bit glad ^^

@carl 👍 absolutely right and this copulate with the tech religion.

@kubikpixel ecosia is actually doing a great job in explaining where they plant trees and what is the long term plan. If you buy some trees in their shop you can actually also say where to plant them. Yes technically it is not the best site but better than most.

@kubikpixel indeed. is a privacy abusing #greenwash. And they recently got worse. Ecosia has recently become a #Cloudflare site, which is bad for privacy and the planet.


How can I tell which sites are / are not CloudFlare sites? 😳

I'm using Mojeek right now. Mojeek isn't a CloudFlare site—right?


@vital876 @kubikpixel The most common way is a plugin called “Cloud Firewall”, but that plugin only blocks the #Cloudflare site & it has some false negatives (so some CF sites go undetected). So I suggest the #BCMA plugin → BCMA is better @ detection & if positive it will redirect to the page.

@vital876 @resist1984 @kubikpixel my recommendation is an add-on called CDN POP. It does not block anything, but it shows whether there is a middle man or not. Not only #cloudflare, it shows others also.
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