🎮 which (open source) games do you know of that are represented in the Fediverse? I only know about the following ones:

⚔️ @play0ad
💫 @veloren
📦 @Minetest
🏎️ @speed_dreams_official
❓ ...


@kubikpixel Well, I went ahead and asked the all-knowing-database-of-things-and-everything : #Wikidata !

And it only knows about the 4 games you cited. 0 A.D., Veloren, Minetest and Speed Dreams.

See the query results here:
@kubikpixel By the way, if anyone sees this and is a #gamedev and has a game that's published on some major online marketplace (Steam, Nintendo, GOG, etc.), feel free to contact me, as your game might be notable enough to be included into Wikidata. Even more so if it has an account on the Fediverse 😁

I'm a contributor of Wikidata's "Video Games Task Force", so I'm used to creating items for video games 😀
@FreeRCT Hi Q112145090 ! 😁

Yeah, that's right, you now have a Wikidata item. This way, the query I sent earlier now finds you as well. 😉


there's @OpenValley trying to develope an open engine for #stardewValley, does this count?
without further checks, the mentioned instance might host other projects you are looking for.

@play0ad @veloren @Minetest @speed_dreams_official

hi, unfortunately the project is currently at a standstill... I'm not in the mood, now, to continue it, sorry

it's fine, don't worry. Act like whenever you feel about it. I appreciate your effort so far, it's already remarkable.

@kubikpixel @play0ad @veloren @Minetest @speed_dreams_official OpenRCT2 is worth mentioning but it requires non-free graphics and audio.
Teeworlds is also a free software game that is quite cool.


I think @kubikpixel is looking for game accounts, not necessarily tools used in game design.

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