Which is more suitable for a daily 's? I do not know, both look interesting from the point of view of - no cryptos

GNU Taler: taler.net
Diva Exchange: @social

Yes, they patched it, but I still don't like , also because it was (partially) bought by . I use the decentralized solution @keyoxide for this and yes it is more complex but you only do this once and then you have it. Apart from that there should now be a for it.


Everyone wants to send elaborately designed , so that they stand out from the masses. Well, we all know ourselves that we don't look at almost every email if we don't know the sender. In the usual email clients the emails are displayed directly in and thus also the pixel is called. This triggers the tracking unintentionally and without having control over it.
Use only emails!


I have once again written something in my .

The point of this text is not to preach to the converted but if someone asks you why you are no longer on , or , for example, then you can link to this. Or your kids ask why you use such weird that isn't so hype, too πŸ˜‰

An introduction to the without moralistic finger pointing, can be off-putting.


In December, Ars reported that as many as 3 million people had been infected by and browser extensions that stole personal data and redirected users to ad or sites. Now, the researchers who discovered the scam have revealed the lengths the extension developers took to hide their nefarious deeds.


OK a very simple visitor counter in . This is enough for my simple contact page to satisfy my , more is really not needed and is safe.
But the count.txt file must be set to the permission 666: The number of the beast 🀘


In my eyes, this is an attempt by nitpicking to elevate a mudslinging to a personal level by fishing out technical details without context. This looks like the beginning of a campaign to retain market share lost to . Why is this article coming out at this time and why is there so much in it?

By the way, 's and 's have a lot in common and therefore it makes sense to combine both technologies.


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