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@PixelfedLabs but I would love if the hashtags are hidden. These are more used to just “tag” a photo and are not really useful to a user. I don’t care if a photo has a thousand hashtag, so I don’t need to see them, but they are important to discover more pictures and users.

@PixelfedLabs I hope this is the right account for feedback.^^ I like the idea of not seeing the likes, but I like the instagram approach: you can’t see the likes of other, but you can see your own. And i would love to see this implemented in pixelfed. At best with a opt-in option to see the own likes.^^




* Ich habe Filezilla aufgemacht und es gab kein Update?

So, da habe ich doch glatt die Ankündigung vergessen... der 006 ist draußen! Heute mit dem Themen:

- Amazon Echo im Bochumer Rathaus
- Nikon D5600
- Lightroom / Luminar 3/ Darktable
- Instagram, Likes und Bots

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Bei Bring Me The Horizon sieht man auch, was passiert wenn Sony Music Deathcore vermarkten will.

@Ludovico *hust* doom metal... Alles unter 30 Minuten ist nur ein Anschlag

Ich komm ausem Grindcore ... Alles länger als ne halbe Minute gilt als Ballade

Built a diy microscope from a webcam. What would be a cool thing to watch for a couple days and see it grow or do stuff?

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"We need a new name for podcast-like things that have no feeds, are locked behind a paywall, can’t be archived, cited or shared, and don’t create any kind of record."

Something like “Dead-end-cast.”

Or “Business-model-cast.”

Or “VC-friendly-cast.”

All Podcasts Are Shows; Not All Shows Are Podcasts

Bitte stärkt eines der wenigen unabhängigen Ökosysteme im Netz!

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