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Wie nennt der Cannabisbauer den Erntetag?

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1994: \o/ only 4 weeks & my first linux worked!!
1996: awesome experimental stuff, I'll compile it all! new libc oh new kernel week!!
2000: I think tech career was a mistake I don't understand this java xml stuff
2010: god no not another web framework

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Say hello to Telephant!

I've written a little Mastodon client for the Desktop - called Telephant - and am currently looking for beta testers!

Want to help out and don't mind compiling the app yourself? (Don't worry it's fairly straight forward and I've added detailed instructions to the README!)

Join me here:

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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At DjangoCon Europe, the brilliant Lily Ryan gave an equally brilliant talk on Victorian usage of arsenic and how it relates to privacy and data protection.

You can find it at the beginning (first 30 minutes) of the current livestream recording here: youtube.com/watch?v=oAV73PRRWN If you don't want to watch a video, you can also have a look at my writeup: rixx.de/blog/djangocon-europe-

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