🤔 Is there any automated Android backup solution you know?
I am totally willing to pay for that service, as long as the client is FOSS and encrypts my data in a good manner.
Most importantly I want to backup the data on my internal storage, so files, images, videos as my Calendar, Mail, Contacts are IMAP/ICAL anyways.

Would be awesome if you could help me to find something like that!


@switchingsocial Wow that is crazy how many replys I got in such a short time! Thanks for all your help. I will try the nextcloud setup and report how that did work out.


I wonder if there's some way to automate @nextcloud ?

Anyone got suggestions?

@switchingsocial @nextcloud @l1am0 For images / videos it's possible to use the auto upload in the Nextcloud app.

@jlelse yes, pictures and videos can by automatically synced with our Android app. Calendars and contacts via CardDav/CalDav. There is a SMS backup app and many more, see Other stuff would be possible if someone would write a app for it, e.g. Nextcloud also has a key-value storage where settings could be stored.

Cc @l1am0 @switchingsocial

@l1am0 I just saw that you are from Berlin. Feel welcome to join one of our community meetings and discuss the possibilities of Nextcloud.

Cc @jlelse @switchingsocial

@nextcloud @jlelse @switchingsocial Thanks for your fast reply! I will definetly check out a meetup some time in the future :D

@nextcloud @jlelse @switchingsocial I will try for that solution with nextcloud. Can you recommend a hosted nextcloud service provider? (Best would be if the company is located in Germany 😊 )

Could check out for Nextcloud.
If you wanted to have another try of synchthing theres also
DecSync CC (Sync contacts and calendars without a server using DecSync) -
@nextcloud @jlelse @switchingsocial

This answer is quite surprising for me... You can autmatically upload every folder, not only viseos/pictures. You just have to enable it in the app.
@jlelse @l1am0 @switchingsocial

@l1am0 @switchingsocial I haven't even found a manual solution yet-- I tried oandbackup, but afaict everything except nandroid doesn't work. I'd love to see any kind of non-nandroid working backup for android, because not everyone has twrp working, and automation would be nice too, to not have to worry about it!

@kmj @switchingsocial Did use titanium before, but it was to big of a hustle to get it up and running in a reoccuring manner.

As long as a backup is not fully automated and I do not have to think about it, I do not consider it working 🙈

@l1am0 @switchingsocial

running it here on rooted los 16 . fully automated, encrypted backup to sd card. moving to owncloud once a week. but no need to save mails/cal/ contacts, these are on self hosted mail server and images are uploaded to owncloud automaticly.

@succfemboi @l1am0 @switchingsocial This works, that what I use it for. Syncthing to an always on/connected Raspberry Pi.

@succfemboi @l1am0 @switchingsocial I then Syncthing from my Pi SD to my Laptop and on to my offsite backup when I get home and turn on my laptop. Sounds convoluted but its streamlined and all works automatically.

@l1am0 @switchingsocial you can use oandbackup and syncthing, but it's not a turnkey solution

@petabyteboy @switchingsocial I tried syncthing before and it did never work properly :/ oandbackup requires root, doesn't it?

@l1am0 Syncthing on Android has drastically improved over the past year or so. Might be worth looking into it again.

@l1am0 If you like to tinker a bit, you can try out #borgbackup by @ThomasWaldmann which also works on Android in Termux. It's a CLI, but it supports deduplication and encryption so that you get nice incremental backups where only little data has to be transferred from the phone.

@lukas @ThomasWaldmann Does it work automated? I love borg for my desktop backups! Would be awesome to have it for mobile to

@l1am0 No, unless you write a bash script to do so. I'm just manually using it from time to time to backup all of /sdcard
See for more details on how to use it.

@l1am0 @switchingsocial
I use Syncthing for camera photo and video backup. I haven't tried anything for files, downloads, etc...

@l1am0 @switchingsocial I am using syncopoli, which can back-up in cycles. Downside: you need an rsync-capable server (e.g. linux) and ssh-access

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