My most recent open source project:

Prevent short link services from tracking you and remove tracking parameters from the underlying urls.

You can 100% host it yourself and its

- Access short links for you to prevent being tracked
- Check against a blacklist to prevent access to a harmful websites
- Remove known tracking parameters
- Remove as many url parameters as possible by keeping the same website result. Removes yet unknown tracking parameters

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**Design help wanted**
As you may have recognized the current frontend design is super basic and I would like to improve it.
If you are a designer send me the designs and I will then implement them for you in HTML& CSS :D

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Here we go: A firefox plugin automatically protecting you via against tracking of short link services 😊 😊

Show thread got a design update and now also has a firefox & chrome extension. 😍

Hope it becomes even more helpful for you and protects you from tracking trough the shortlink services.

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@l1am0 Really cool project I’m totally not specialized in CSS (I’m adminsys) but to use a small css framework will be ok? I’m ready to do it if that’s not a problem

bulma framework

@l1am0 Nice The day I will successfully generate the project I will open a PR :)

@l1am0 (That’s the very first time I touch to go and I have an error that I don’t understand

$ go generate ./... zsh: correct './...' to './..' [nyae]? n go: finding latest main.go:11: running "esc": exec: "esc": executable file not found in $PATH

$ whereis go go: /usr/bin/go /usr/lib/go /usr/share/go


@duponin @l1am0 You need to have at least go1.11 (you can check your version with 'go version')


$ go version go version go1.13.1 linux/amd64

Strange, it’s superior

@duponin @l1am0 I will check in deeper on that error message tomorrow and get back to you. I assume it is a problem with the go installation

@duponin Researched now for about half an hour and sadly I can't find any usefull information on how to get go get running with void linux and why this error occurs. I assume you followed and did the `export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin` is your go installation in `/usr/local/go` if not, try to point the path to the directory where you installed it in.

@l1am0 next would be to have built-in support for this in 3rd party Twitter, Mastodon, etc clients :-) Great work!

@rmsilva @l1am0 Next step would be a browser extension I think😎

@sir @l1am0 I prefer github, but if you have no chance of using it you can also send me an email:

@l1am0 faster & easier to write a short patch by email. Sent some style improvements along

@l1am0 Consider switching to AGPLv3, or people will be able to make a proprietary copy and offer it as a service.

Do it before accepting patches from other people. Otherwise, all the collaborators will have to agree.

@josealberto4444 I am fine with someone doing it. It is not a super huge project, so if someone wants to build a paied service for that certain usecase it could be done anyways :D

@l1am0 Switching to AGPL does not prevent creating paid services, it forces the services to contribute back with their improvements, that same way as GPL does for binaries, but for services. It protects your project.

@stevenroose Already thought about that, as a webextension would be a low hanging fruit. But currently I see one problem: How to know which urls to send to
1) Send all urls <= Privacy nightmare
2) Extensions has a list of known short link providers <= Would limit the extension to this ones, even if can work with more than in the list

Both ideas are not working IMO. Do you have a solution/idea how to fix this problem in an extensions?

@l1am0 I was more thinking that the unshorten logic the app currently uses could be put into the extension. So the extension can unshorten & untag all links locally without having to call a service.

I've actually some time ago considered trying to write an add-on that would remove all the tracking information from links.

@stevenroose @l1am0 The whole point of the unshort logic is that you do not get tracked by the services. If you do the unshort request in the extension, the point of the service would be gone.

FYI: there are already extensions removing the tracking parameters from the URL

@l1am0 Eh yeah I think I understood the unshorten logic wrong.
That kind of extension is what I wanted! Thanks!

@stevenroose So there is now a automaticaly adapting list of supported short link providers available. I think with this list a browser plugin should be possible to only send that certain urls to the backend. Do you have any interest in helping with the plugin?

@l1am0 I can't, sorry! U also didn't understand the purpose until your last tweet. Good luck, though! And good work!

[ image description: A blue webpage with two boxes for entering link-shortener URLs - one "Directly redirect" and one "Show the redirect url first".]

@l1am0 Thanks for making that. Good idea.

What I am missing is a privacy policy for your server to which all resolution requests are send, detailing what data are send, stored and when they are deleted.

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