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Public service announcement: If you ever find an image you like and can't find a license-free version of it, take a screenshot and upload it to @unsplash Visual Search. twitter.com/garrytan/status/13

It 2-way syncs my articles as mobi to the kindle. If I delete an ebook the article is archived on wallabag and vise versa.

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How to block @Wikipedia fundraising note:
1) Install @ublockorigin
2) Right click on the banner
3) Select "Block element..."
4) Enter "##.cn-fundraising" in the popup
5) Click "Create" button

I just stumbled upon the very first website I built as a 12 year old kiddo: dragon-snake.de.tl
- I loved dragons & iframes
- My german is more than embarrassing
- @Lokalisten_de was more popular in germany than facebook
- The humor of 12yo sucks

After finishing my thesis the side project train is rolling again 🀩

This idea is particular hard for me as it is not mainly building tech, but sale & marketing. Great opportunity to learn that after all. (Hate that it is so important πŸ˜…)
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Finished the landing page for devlunch.io

You should check out the application form, as it is freaking awesome

Enough for today!
Here some random internet to distract you ☺️


Any idea for a source that I should add to this rodeo?🐎

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Last year, I wrote an article that trended on @newsycombinator. Among the hundreds of comments (both positive and negative), this one stuck with me.

Original post: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1

To make the inner workings of your code understandable for non-tech people, I like using BPMN. Found this notation a few weeks back, it suits the purpose quite well AND it works with @drawio <3
Intro: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business
Cheatsheet/Guide: cloud.trisotech.com/bpmnquickg

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100% accurate for more apps than we care to admit πŸ˜…

As I have no clue about excel stuff I have to generate graphs for my thesis like following:
1) Bash script copies data into folder
2) Headless chrome opens custom build website
3) Websites processes json data and renders graphs
4) Save screenshot
5) Repeat over and over

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When your city isn’t doing enough

did you know that string conversion copies the underlying byte slice? Important to know for your memory optimizations.

Of fuck...my s4 project is mentioned in @golangweekly πŸ₯³
golangweekly.com/issues/317 (in the tools section)

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tip of the day:

The `::selection` CSS pseudo-element applies styles to the part of a document that has been highlighted by the user (such as clicking and dragging the mouse across text).

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