Making players regret they ever agreed to let me DM by having quest givers that are spectacularly incompetent at crime and giving in-game companies awful puns as names. 😁😎

Hobby project finally produces correct results! That's been a long time coming! \o/

The next part will be brain melting, too, but for today I'm just happy the thing finally works.

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Me, today, 8:30:
/wakes up, checks emails, sees everything that's supposed to be working is not working and everything is on fire/

- blink -
Me, today, now:
"I don't know where the last 13 hours went but at least it's fixed now" 😵🥴

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I'm debugging a concurrency problem in some generated scheme. The only difference between the version that works and the version that deadlocks is a function that isn't used. Isn't concurrency fun?

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fireworks discussion, Alcohol mention 

There‘s fireworks discussion and once again I feel like saying that drone light shows look better, are comparatively silent and can be reused.

Cities should ban fireworks and organize centralized drone shows instead.

I don’t want drunk people with explosives anywhere near me.

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I have never seen anyone shop lift from a store and I never will

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I will literally never, ever, get tired of seeing statues of conquistadores, colonisers, emperors, slave traders and other tyrants toppled, smashed to pieces or thrown into rivers.

Congratulations to the team behind this one! 👏✊

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NEW VIDEO: Why I Wear Gloves

a video about disability, hopefully the first in a series

comments and shares and all that appreciated as usual ty 💜

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The disaster should teach everyone a valuable lesson. People make communities, not a network of servers. That's why community management is so darn important, yet a lot of open source projects kind of neglect it as an afterthought. This needs to change.

I looked into the "(No) kink at pride" discourse and can I just say that I think that <muffled screaming>...

I finally finished Legend of Korra!
It's really good, go watch it. I have three hot takes, however.

[1] All in all, it does the impossible and surpasses ATLA.
[2] It is not nearly gay enough, though.
[3] Zaheer was right, but executive liberalism didn't allow that to play out.

I did... not have IDF cat girl military propaganda on my 2021 bingo card.

I think that's enough internet for today.

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#klima # klimaschutz

1,5-Grad-Ziel bedeutet 2030!

Freundliche Erinnerung an die Politiker:innen in Land und Bund: Der einzige wissenschaftlich belegte Pfad zur Einhaltung des Pariser 1,5 Grad Zieles (mit einer mageren Erfolgswahrscheinlichkeit von gerade noch 66%) sieht so wie unten aus - und NUR so!
Das Sachverständigen-Gutachten der Bundesregierung von 2020 lässt da ganz wenig Raum für das aktuell allerorts betriebene kreative Sanktnimmerleinstags-Greenwashing.

Unfriendly reminder that you can speak out against state-sanctioned bombings and military war crimes without resorting to blatant antisemitism.

Casual reminder that if you want to have a summer body, all you need is to have a body and it being summer.
If you want a beach body, you just need to have a body and take it to the beach.

That's all there's to it!

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