For the first time in I-literally-cannot-tell-you-how-long, today I finished reading a book with my eyes. 📚👀

I usually rely on audiobooks, but this one was on paper (well... e-reader). It was great, I should do this more often! 😄

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I fear the type of magic we programmers employ has warped us.

The first thing we learn, in speaking to the machines, is that every syntactic detail matters. A misplaced semicolon is hell. A stray parenthesis can kill your code.

The second thing we learn, is that names are free parameters, to the computer meaningless. Call it Bob, call it Index, so long as you always call it the same thing. Call an integer StringOfLetters and it will be an integer all the same.

It is no wonder a coarse branch of internet 'humor' consistents in claiming all the ways humans ascribe meaning to words are a weakness they should be mocked for, and doing so in ritualized syntactic formats.

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I see more and more posts with a CW that says only "Twitter Crosspost" or "Birdsite" etc lately.

And when expanding the toot it's most of the time "RT [Tweet about some horrible thing that absolutely needs a CW]"

Please don't do this.

A CW is a CONTENT warning. Posting stuff from twitter is ok, for me such a CW is needless. What needs to be CWed is the CONTENT you post, no matter the source. Substituting the latter with the former is dangerous for people who need CWs.

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Explain to me again, if I can offset the CO2 from my flights for ≈ 10% of ticket price (compare e.g., why isn't it already a thing that _all_ flights have to be offset by the airlines?

You could make it a law that every flight touching ground, say, anywhere in the EU, must be transparently carbon-neutral. That is a thing we could do, right?

Because either I'm missing something or we should have done that 10 years ago!

I wrote 500 words today. That's not much, but it's 500 words more than yesterday and last week and all of the time.

And it means the story is 500 words closer to done and I'm 500 words closer to my characters.

Can't wait to find out what the next 500 will be. 🙂

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Diss track I made in response to a Pewdiepie and Boyinaband video Show more

Food Show more

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chronic illness, awareness day Show more

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Happy May Day, everyone! ✊🚩🏴🏳️‍🌈

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All models are wrong, some are useful, not sure about this one, though.

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Mit anderen Worten: Kapitalismus anzünden

So apparently McDonald's Germany has a vegan burger now.
I have mixed feelings about that (considering their track record and that it's a Nestlé patty).

More vegan options seems unambiguously good, though, and it might also put pressure on others restaurants, too.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 🌱🍔🍟🥤

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If I could give legit 100% serious advice to straight cis dudes:
-If you're able, get therapy. Normalize talking & examining your thoughts & feelings.
-If you feel weird being vulnerable around u'r crew get a new crew. They're not tryna make the life changes you are.
-Is what you're feeling really Anger? Or is it Isolation, is it Abandonment, is it Insecurity, is it Hopelessness? What's the most effective strategy to de-escalate the zenith of those emotions/thoughts?
-Normalize being challenged.

Arrived at my holiday home. WiFi is fast, jazz is playing, dinner is cooking, and for the next few days my only obligation is enjoying myself. 😌😀

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Two old people in the same waiting room () discussing how pessimistic / optimistic one ought to be in face of... *gestures at everything*

Can't do my rowsing optimism speech because that would be rude. But I'm thinking it very hard.

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