Oh, so turns out cron sends you an email every time there's output instead of just forgetting about it?

Turns out, also, I didn't comment out my print lines?

Guess I'll have some 600 emails or so to delete tomorrow. 😅📨🗑️

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TIL about unsplash and the associated Lorem Picsum.
A huge library of basically-CC0 pictures, free to use for everyone! 🤩

This will come in _very_ handy! I'm just surprised I hadn't heard of them before! 😃

Was about to do a whole coding thing to get the Mean Square Error between two images, but luckily realised in time that there's libraries for that.

Two imports and three lines of code later, the thing works as smooth as an android's bottom. Sometimes computers are right. 😊💻🐍

Guess who's learning about λ-Prolog today! 😬

I'm quite happy with how this week's art bot turned out, even gave it some upgrades over the weekend. 🎨😎

Now I already have an idea for next week, but I'll need a source of Public Domain images... 🤔

Bathroom upgrade. 😁
It was time and past time I got one of these, but seeing something similar at a friend's the other day reminded me again.

@blinry Hey there!
Didn't you have a "Museum of accidental art" at one point, for pretty software bugs and such? Is that still around?

This week's art bot is spitting out not quite what I wanted yet, but some of the pictures are too pretty to just delete. 😁

My second art bot is also coming along nicely. :->

This one might even produce pictures that are nice to look at. Inspired by an actual artist™.

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just found out about cannedemails.com/ which has simple prewritten emails you can use for a variety of subjects that may be stressful

example (“received task, will do later”):
Subject: Got it. Thanks

Just a heads up: I'm extremely busy right now, so it will take me some time to get to this.

Please remind me again if I don't get to this soon.

Also, let me know if your priorities change, and you no longer need this finished.

Today I connected my first art bot to the internet. On Mastodon, because they don't require you signing up for a developer program.

It's a tiny bot and does not produce very interesting things, but it was good to learn the ropes of hosting and running them.
All in all, a lot less hassle than I expected.

I'll talk more about this when I have more to show. Stay tuned. 👀👨‍🎨👨‍💻

On high recommendation of both @nachdemsturm and @raichoo, I'll be checking out "Dark" today. Promises to be some prime wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff. 😀

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Super proud how much @acmelabs did contribute to . Even though we are not even 15 people, we managed to organize 1 workshop, held 2 talks at the @west stage, maintained 2 assemblies, contributed a @haecksen memorial, cool stickers, and a whole lot of "Angeling"! Glad to be part of such a great crew. More to come in 2020!

Selfie, EC 

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boy are you a blockchain transaction because i am extremely uninterested in an explanation for your behavior

I got @ChaosPost for the first time in my life and I read it and now I feel all 🥰 inside!

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