Scottish Independence Referendum 2023, let's goooooo! 🥳
We'd love to have you back in the EU, Scotland!

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the tooth fairy is capitalist propaganda

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Die Verbraucherzentralen schlagen vor, dass #9EuroTicket ab September beizubehalten und für 29 Euro zu verkaufen.
Sicher ist: Den Riesen-Fortschritt eines EINHEITLICHEN, für alle bezahlbaren Tickets darf nicht wieder zürückgedreht werden! Dafür muss es JETZT eine große gesellschaftliche Bewegung geben.

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Was bei diesen Temperaturen hilft
🧊 Ventilator
🧊 Füße ins Wasserbad
🧊 Kohlekraftwerke abschalten

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Angebot für kostenlose Beratung 

Langer Text, daher als Screenshot. Nachfragen bitte direkt via DM. Ich diskutiere hier übrigens nicht über Sinn und Unsinn von Beratung :) Ich habe eine wissenschaftliche Ausbildung und nichts mit Schwurbelei am Hut.


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I always found second-order Turing tests (i.e. can the creature perform a Turing test) more interesting than passing a Turing test.

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Anyone freaked out by the sensationalist headlines about Google's language models becoming sentient should read up on the "Chinese Letterbox" thought experiment.

When this thought experiment was first contrived it was basically fiction, the idea that you could make a statistical model of language so complete that it could fool a real person was farcical. The author(s) only intended to raise a question and prove a point.

Well, surprise! Language is highly statistical, perhaps it has to be to permit us to learn it so quickly (per Chomsky, maybe?). And it turns out we can make models that can mimic, with creepy cogency, human speech patterns, even to the point of appearing to chew over a complex thought.

But in the end they're just statistical models re-hashing the word-sense-orders of their training corpuses.

Corpuses that include AI-themed scifi books and film transcripts, philosophy textbooks, and breathless singularity-themed blogs.

The chatbot is not self aware.

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Remember: Fuck N*FTs!

And if you don't know why, watch the nice talk by (DE):

Generative angriness at:

I forgot how much fun it is to have colourful nails, I should do that more! 💅😍

Catching bugs while you're still writing them, for a change, is pretty neat! 😎

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A year ago i was worried and depressed about nft art becoming the norm. But here we are a year later and vast majority of the art community know its bullsit and there are enough of us against it that it does make an impact in a few cases and it gives me a slimmer of hope. Stay angry.

Just found a paper that claimed an algorithm to find all primes of the form 4k±1 where k ∈ ℕ.

It was only one page. The algorithm amounted to "successively plug every positive integer into k, compute 4k±1, check if it's prime and discard those that aren't.".


"Have you tried brute force?" is... a tad underwhelming. I'm surprised somebody bothered to write it down.

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Heard this morning on a podcast ad: "proprietary zero-knowledge software"

= we have zero-knowledge about how you do zero-knowledge = you might as well have full knowledge

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"Have you heard, they've found out magic is real!"
"I heard."
"Anyone can learn, it's all logical, like programming."
"Aren't you excited?"
"I'm a programmer. I wouldn't trust any programmer with magic."
"Hang on..."
"Coffee? You conjured coffee? Show me!"
#MicroFiction #SmallStories

Group chat is re-discovering their love for Sue Perkins and why wouldn't they?

Elon Musk, Sexual Assault 

The journalist tweeted they reached out for comment about this on Wednesday morning and the tweet with "attacks will increase" came Wednesday at noon... 🤔

To quote Randall Munroe, correlation doesn't imply causation but it does suggestively wiggle its eyebrows and mouths "look over there! 👀".

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Elon Musk, Sexual Assault 

Remember how Musk has been howling about "the woke mind virus" and how he's "under attack" in the last few days?
I think I know why, now:

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