Google going all in on ultrafinitism is not the take on philosophy of mathematics that I expected from today, but apparently it's the one I'm getting!

Accidentally re-inventing phrenology with machine learning 😴

Deliberately re-inventing phrenology with machine learning 😱

Came back to the congress talk-watching party and everyone was locked to @raichoo's talk about hikari. 😁

Glad that my students appreciate my *ahem* subtle messages in the examples section of that exam question. 😇 :antifa:

Bathroom upgrade. 😁
It was time and past time I got one of these, but seeing something similar at a friend's the other day reminded me again.

Christmas with family is over, now the rest of the year belongs to ! 😃
Don't have a DECT this year but hmu if you wanna talk!

Sharon Valerii: "Step away from the console and put your hands in the air!"

Me: "Ok, Boomer"

Also, this appeared between the stairs (left) and elevator (right) at my work yesterday.

Reader, I work on the 11th floor and am not amused! ಠ_ಠ

It's July, that means it's LGBTQIA+ Sloth month, right? Right?

I finished a long project for work today. A translation from an old but important theorem prover into our knowledge representation format. It's finally done. \o/

May I present to you the graph that I wanted since 2016!


Well, I took the plunge and tested it. It's entirely okay, as a fast food burger. I can make better at home but the point is that you're not at home.

Won't go out to get this again, but if it's the only alternative, I might.

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Injury, Hospital, Blood, Selfie 

Accidentally cut my hand on some glass while cleaning up in the park. 😒🏥🚑

Pretty deep cut (4cm) but nothing major was hit, all fingers working fine, pain minimal. I was pretty lucky.

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