Does anybody has any experiences with -stak and 18.04 and graphic card? I have some .

Everthing went smooth 😎
Now it's playing time πŸ€“

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I am doing an OTA upgrade to beta version of Sibon. I hope everything goes well πŸ€“

Uau, is available as and of course as and πŸ€“
I highly recommend using it.

Anybody knows why there is a in ? I mean it's not nice for to be kept in cages, but dog?

What is going on today? My restarted twice in the morning (almost got late to work), two computers with don't boot, doesn't want to cooperate...strange day :(

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Looking for a fast, simple and secure messenger then @signalapp has you covered. Signal messages and calls are always end-to-end encrypted. Now available for the #Ubuntu desktop as a snap! πŸ”’ πŸ’» πŸ“· πŸ“Ή ☎️

snap install signal-desktop tweeted by @ubuntu

I still have to finish the project with on with core. It is really simple and straight forward, but it's just impossible to have some spare time these daysπŸ€“

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Hey what about the news about the RC of shiny new 16.04 for our mobiles and tablets?

I guess we'll just have to migrate to or something similar...

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I have finished for and did quite a lot of it for πŸ€“
Now it's time to 😴 or read a book πŸ€“

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