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I sometimes pretend to be cool but I don't know why. Let's much rather be the dorks that we really are. Who's in?

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I'm posting an for people to find me. (hashtags are searchable)

I'm a music making electronic and a member of the in the group Bedrock Bros. I also write watchfaces for the and recently smartwatches. I'm generally interested in everything on a very nerdy level.

hosting the Datenschorle. Work: / art director and leading a team

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"Thanks, I didn't ask" continues to be one of the most powerful sentences I've found that I can utter

I know, I know, it's an ES5 vs. ES6 thing. Still, IE 11 doesn't even support 100% of ES5. It's a sad little browser that wants to die

Internet Explorer is still the biggest inhibitor. It doesn't help that there are a lot of inconsistencies. e.g. it has Array.prototype.forEach() but not NodeList.prototype.forEach()

The saddest thing is that a valid polyfill is if (window.NodeList && !NodeList.prototype.forEach) { NodeList.prototype.forEach = Array.prototype.forEach; }

What are your methods for staying sane when testing modern websites and webapps in Internet Explorer 11?

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On "allies" 

now people are looking at me strange because I'm blasting bangin Zelda music in the car on the supermarket parking lot

Whoa, the Cadence of Hyrule soundtrack is absolutely spectacular … as was to be expected from the makers of Crypt of the Necrodancer

I got the Playdate developer survey in the mail and I can't wait to create something for that little weird device once the SDK hits

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Sometimes I'm not sure if I have to deal with incompetent people in this world or if I just set my benchmark too high for expertise in my own field(s) of work …

Wow. If I was only allowed to tell you about some of the things I encounter

And with that I've surpassed my Steam library

I own 130 games on my Nintendo Switch and I'm not regretting many of my purchases. I love this platform

Das iPhone XR ist auch eher das Nusspli unter den iPhones ohne Home-Button … oder kann man das empfehlen?

I ate chocolate before dinner like a noob and now I'm not hungry. … adulting win?

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If you know German and you want to laugh and cry about Excel functions, I've got you covered:

My favorite so far is REGISTER.KENNUMMER (with two N)

Who decided that Excel uses localized function names in formulas? I want to scream

"8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown" … the award for most disorienting TV show title goes to the UK

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