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I sometimes pretend to be cool but I don't know why. Let's much rather be the dorks that we really are. Who's in?

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I'm posting an for people to find me. (hashtags are searchable)

I'm a music making electronic and a member of the in the group Bedrock Bros. I also write watchfaces for the and recently smartwatches. I'm generally interested in everything on a very nerdy level.

hosting the Datenschorle. Work: / art director and leading a team

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Still seeing a lot of NFC capable bank cards that people don't use via NFC. Stop slowing down my cash register line!

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Hello! Ich suche elektronische Spielzeuge mit Sound oder billig Keyboards. Diese müssen aber etwas älter sein (80er, 90er, ggf. 2000). Also keine Modernen micro Schaltkreise unter Epoxi-Blob. Wenn ihr sowas in Muttis Keller liegen habt, immer her damit! Habe Monies!

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Also: "There's no system foolproof enough to defeat a sufficiently great fool." (Edward Teller)

By the way – and I know this is shocking coming from me – the Chromium based version of Edge seems like a very capable browser and I can see myself using it for development in conjunction with Visual Studio Code and the planned integration of the two.

Am I seeing this right? The official current version of Microsoft Edge is 44 (or 18 if you call it by the version number of the EdgeHTML rendering engine).

The new Chromium based version that's releasing in fall will likely be Microsoft Edge 77 based on the "About" dialog in the current dev channel release.

44 to 77 is the new 8 to 10

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God: you’re black and white.

Orca: like a penguin?

God: yes but you’re not a penguin.

Orca: oh.

God: you swim in the ocean.

Orca: like a penguin!

God: you are not a penguin!

Orca: oh.

God: you eat fish.

Orca: [gasp].

God: [sigh].

Orca: i’m the chubbiest penguin!

Mir ist aufgefallen, dass mein Sprachgebrauch für manche technische Sachverhalte sehr verkürzt ist und die Kollegen mich ohne erneuten Kontext trotzdem unvermittelt verstehen.

"Da ist was in der companies gedoppelt" => "Da ist ein doppelter Eintrag in der Tabelle `companies` in der Livedatenbank für das Projekt, an dem wir grade unter Anderem arbeiten"

Nehmt das, Sprachassistenten

"See attachment"
Forgets attachment

My week in a nutshell

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BUT … depending on how you say tha number that might change, because they group numbers in lakh and crore … so this is a validly formatted indian number 1,700,00,00,000

TIL: The indian numbering system puts separators not every three digits like 12,345,678.90 but only after three digits at the beginning of the number, then grouping them by two, like 1,23,45,678.90

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I really don't understand the "or will that change the layout" part of the question. Like, no we could just cover the final two thirds of your info with the image and the layout can remain the same.

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Three page layout, "can we just add a new image to cover two thirds of one of the pages or will that change the layout?"

Me: =.= Yes we can totally do that. Yes it will mean totally rebuilding the whole layout.

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Nachbar erklärt mir gerade die CO2-Verschwörung wissenschaftlich. Wenn sie auf Arbeit CO2 aus der Flasche freisetzen wird es kalt und nicht warm!

You know. I dislike Microsoft Edge the most when it fails at things that Internet Explorer 11 already did correctly.

`minimumFractionDigits` in `Number().toLocaleString()` does not have any effect

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