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5 months ago – before I disappeared – I was a different person. Please allow me to update you.

Hi! My name's Alina. I'm a neurodivergent trans demigirl currently hospitalized for her depression. Sup?

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I released an EP of tracks that wanted to be married to each other a long time ago.

How does it sound to be adrift in empty space?

I'm about to move instances but I'm going to take you all with me, hopefully. Don't worry, sit tight and see you on the other side as @alinanorakari

If you like Sudoku, Wordle and crosswords, this might be as fun for you as it is for me:

A fun experiment you can do is go to the App Store and look at how much storage your favorite apps need, then ask yourself why. What data do they need to contain? What assets can you see while using them?
Some notable big and small iOS examples: PayPal: 320 MB; PlayStation Remote Play: 17 MB; Airbnb: 240 MB; Super Mario Run: 206 MB; Uber: 338 MB

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The more I know about uxn the more I am for a future with modern, small ROM-like portable applications that run sustainably.

Do we really need a 2GB software to edit simple spreadsheets? Software that uses 2GB of RAM with no document open? Software that needs to contact a license verification server? No.

The finished application, with the font and everything, is 6000 bytes.

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Added the finishing touches to the spreadsheet today, you'll stop hearing me going on about it.

The scroll now follows the cursor and I added a hex printing mode because it was only 7 extra bytes to implement.

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Which title of a talk can you never get out of your head? For me it's Chip Kidd's "There is a Style Gland That Turns Malignant in Nevada"

I'm totally soaked after calling 25 more therapists to get their call times because of course they don't have websites where I can look that up

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Being fucking stressed out by calling people on the phone is a really bad mix with trying to find a therapist in a city that has a lot of therapists who can't accept new patients.


My timeline is bursting with wonderful posts. The birds are screaming at each other. There's good food in my stomach and nothing urgent on my to-do list. Most important of all, life is very kind to me lately.

Heyo fedi! I‘m lampy, an appreciator of cozy pixel art n things. Making games too, sometimes. Most of the stuff I do nowadays is pixely #lowpoly pieces. #introductions #artistsofftwitter

My latest article about inductive power just came out in Make Magazine!

That MP's tractor porn 

@erinbee of course they would lead you to an adult site. it's not safe for a child to operate a tractor

That MP's tractor porn 

I never thought I'd ever defend a politician caught looking at porn at work, but: After looking up tractor manufacturers, sweet lord some of those brand names could lead you to an adult site.

Bull Power
Cockshutt Plow
Cub Cadet
Fluid Drag
Mech Bull
New Johnson

...and Hitachi makes tractors too.

... And a few days later, I'm again unfollowing some more of the "big" birdsite accounts, because they don't interact.
I'm not your audience. :blobcatgooglyshrug:

politics cawthorn 

i mean really if all the eggs in the terf movement figured out they're trans, we wouldnt have a terf movement.

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