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I'm posting an for people to find me. (hashtags are searchable)

I'm a music making electronic and a member of the in the group Bedrock Bros. I also write watchfaces for the and recently smartwatches. I'm generally interested in everything on a very nerdy level.

hosting the Datenschorle. Work: / art director and leading a team

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The first rule of dork club is: Get overly excited about dork club and tell everyone about it

I sometimes pretend to be cool but I don't know why. Let's much rather be the dorks that we really are. Who's in?

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So I made a thing.

The green on this graph shows where chlorophyll b absorbs (the type mostly used by plants). You can see it catches light in two places. Near 450nm (the blue end of the spectrum) and around 650nm (in the red).

The two lines show the wavelengths emitted by LED lights. Blue is cool white and red is warm white. Both have a spike in emission around chlorophyll's blue absorption and broad emission over the red absorption.

In other words, this is why houseplants like LED lighting!

My friends are very active and I think we can only blame technology for it. Thanks technology

My neighborhood grocery store started providing small paper bags for packing loose fruit and vegetables. I approve

Der Kollege verwendet als Dummy-Mail-Addresse "schnuff@honk.moep". Ich mag meinen Kollegen

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My body and mind do this really weird thing where every time(!) I start unloading the dishwasher I need to pee before I can continue. Please stop Mr. Pavlov

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How do you know someone is from the UK?

This image doesn't shatter their reality

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> Another terminal based graphical activity monitor, inspired by gtop and vtop, this time written in !

Werde heute aktiv den Rest des Tages Leute verwirren, indem ich Milestone mit der Betonung von Minestrone ausspreche

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til: der maispreis bestimmt dieses jahr einen logistikplan mit (weil daran hängt ob eine halle frei wird oder nicht) also beobachte ich nun den maispreis und überlege wie man das einer KI erklären sollte

"Hmm, wieviel Storage bekommt die VM?" – "Nehmen wir ne schöne runde Zahl, 32 oder so"

Unnormale Leute hätten jetzt möglicherweise komisch geschaut

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Please CW your posts fediverse, I've seen so many recently that need to be CW'd but weren't. These posts can be genuinely triggering, upsetting, angering or a reminder of horrible, difficult times or their current life and having at least sympathy for that isn't too difficult or if you don't at least try to understand. The CWs are there, please use them.

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