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I'm posting an for people to find me. (hashtags are searchable)

I'm a music making electronic and a member of the in the group Bedrock Bros. I also write watchfaces for the and recently smartwatches. I'm generally interested in everything on a very nerdy level.

hosting the Datenschorle. Work: / art director and leading a team

I'm always shocked and amazed at Soundcloud's lack of Unicode in E-Mails. This user name was cyrillic

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A word appeared on my screen: "Damn!"
My heart fell. More words appeared: "order right the in time in back travel should These"
I sighed, and typed "Damn!"

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Unser Laden sucht ein paar neue Gesichter in unterschiedlichen Bereichen. Vielleicht ist ja was für jemanden hier dabei?

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I can tell my stress level by the number of unread e-mails in my private inbox. I do look at and sort all my mails by subject but when I'm stressed I often don't even mark as read or open the ones I know are not spam but also not important (like confirmations I've paid someone via PayPal)

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I've been working on this for the past while for the #3dBustChallenge. I planned to paint my textures in Photoshop's 3D viewer, but found it cripplingly laggy for some reason. Substance Painter was smooth, but has a rubbish colour picker. I finally settled on using the 3DCoat trial, which has been a pleasure to use. I'll definitely pick it up if ever I have to do more hand-painted work! (I know it does much more, but my other software covers that.)

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These last few weeks I've had strange video game ear worms from games I've not played (or heard) in ages.

Today's ear worm: Balamb Garden from Final Fantasy VIII

If you need to laugh so hard that you're having difficulties face-palming

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I see many of you are still on your starter gender

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Don’t suppose anyone on the fedverse can help me out?

I’m looking for a comic about being pigeonholed as a gay/queer artist/comic creator.

The comic had an artist try to draw other subjects, but they all ended up phalic or him drawing his boyfriend. It was in black and white.

This is for a uni project and would make an amazing reference. I can’t remeber that artist name sadly.

Boosts are okay!

Luxury problems: Today is the first day I can pay with my wrist watch but my flat mates are driving me home today so I can't try it out right away

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You don't know pain until you've suddenly remember the Wii fit trainer in Smash Bros at work and try not to burst out laughing in front of your boss.

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@lastfuture You are making the false assumption that they are people in the first place.

What do you think of people who indent their code with 3 spaces?

I cooked something by sticking to a recipe and immediately regretted the bland unfinished result. Taking some time to fix it now.
I'll return to viewing recipes are sources of inspiration

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Für alle, die noch ein einfaches elektronisches Geschenk suchen: Tchibo verkauft grade für 15 € einen UKW-Radio-Bausatz ohne Löten

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