I'm posting an for people to find me. (hashtags are searchable)

I'm a music making electronic and a member of the in the group Bedrock Bros. I also write watchfaces for the and recently smartwatches. I'm generally interested in everything on a very nerdy level.

hosting the Datenschorle. Work: / art director and leading a team

@lastfuture I want to contribute music for demos. I play Nanoloop on GameBoys. Unfortunatly I have no direct contacts into the scene besides meeting cupe and urs from Mercury at GPN.

@Bobo_PK a good way to get involved is visiting a demo party and submitting a track (or if you can't go, submitting one remotely). I've been to Evoke in Cologne, it's big enough to matter but small enough to get to know people. A very pleasant bunch of people :)
Also: Heck yeah Nanoloop! Have you played with Nanoloop Mono?

@lastfuture i went to revision 2016 but it is hard if you know no one. I am just using 1 and 2 but had my hands in mono a few times to tinker around. Currently using NL 2 most of the time because it has superb base and more storeage than nl1

@Bobo_PK I know, talking to people with nobody to introduce you can be daunting. A lot of the people are approachable though if you see something interesting on their screen and you ask them if you may know what they're doing. There are usually people somewhere making some chip music with their DMGs as well.
I've not done a lot with my NL2, I should probably give it another chance.

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