@fribbledom Stop making me want a 3D printer. I have no need of one but an urgent desire to have one anyway...


You'll just have to make up the right excuses for yourself.

Like I did: "oh, in the long run I'll save so much money on Raspberry Pi and Arduino cases!"

@fribbledom may I ask how much your printer was, roughly? I need to justify one for myself as well but I need some more convincing for these excuses to work on me, considering the price point of a Prusa i3 MK3

@lastfuture The anycubic Mega goes for around 300 to 350 Euros.

@lastfuture Arguments for or against a 3D printer? I'm sure I can find either for you ;-)

@fribbledom arguments for spending more money than that for a 3d printer. Hmm. I just thought of one … I could probably print me some weird musical instruments


I don't think you really have to spend more than that nowdays. The Prusa Mk3 does auto-leveling, but you could easily upgrade that on most cheaper printers.

Having used the Prusas before, I think I actually prefer the anycubic's frame and build platform. It does desperately need quieter fans, though 😆

@fribbledom I'll have look into the Anycubic. I quite like the removable print surface of the MK3 and its filament sensor, but the Anycubic may have that or it might be an easy upgrade.

Do you know if a P.I.N.D.A. bed leveling probe would work with the Anycubic? It smashes the accuracy and performance of other probes in test I've seen


The anycubic does come with a filament sensor. You could place the ultrabase on top of the heatbed without using glue - even though newer models come pre-glued 😕 (for ~25 Euros you can get them separatelt though)

I have to read up on PINDA! Only looked into BLTouch so far.

@fribbledom PINDA is the one by Prusa, it's small and fares really well in this video comparing probes youtube.com/watch?v=il9bNWn66B

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