I ordered a Badgy IoT e-ink badge so I can do absolutely nothing productive with it. I'll have tons of fun with it though


Ideas for nonsense I can make with Badgy:

"don't talk to me, I still have %d open tickets"-badge for work, hourly random cat pic badge, "I'd rather be in [nearest city where it's sunny and 26°C]"-badge

Aww yeah, my Badgy IoT badge has arrived. I'll have fun with this on the weekend

I couldn't resist and made myself familiar with Badgy by compiling the examples. Wifi is working great, the e-ink is looking good. Parsing JSON on an Arduino feels weird

@lastfuture How's the battery situation? Seems fairly important for a badge …


@rixx I have no experience with that yet but the developer claims:

Battery Life
Deep Sleep ~35 days
Light use ~21 hours
Heavy use ~5 hours
w/ 1000mah battery ~1 year

The first three are when running it off a LIR2450 rechargeable button cell in the preinstalled holder, the last one is when you connect a battery using a JST header

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