I can wholeheartedly recommend the Affinity products as good affordable alternatives to the corresponding Adobe products. I'm speaking as a professional designer with a decade of Adobe product usage under my belt.
If you like working with vectors / layouts treat yourself to Affinity Designer. If you are in for pixel work, get Affinity Photo. Hold off on Affinity Publisher because it needs to mature some more.

Pro Tip: All Affinity products use the same file format, they just have different endings so a double click will open the right application.

You can work on the same document in Photo, Designer or Publisher depending on the tools you need. This also extends to their iPad apps and works cross-platform as well.

@lastfuture Are you happy with the import/export feature for SVGs in Affinity Designer? I'm currently looking for an OmniGraffle alternative for icons, infographics and things like floor plans :)

@zerok yes, pretty happy, if you can live with the export nesting layers/pages into groups. Yesterday I found out that I can even copy an svg tag from HTML source and paste it into Designer, and it'll just appear in my document

@lastfuture Yes, that's absolutely fine. As long as the paths etc. are not completely convoluted ^_^

@zerok if you want you can give me something to export to SVG so you can take a look

@lastfuture Thank you :) I just purchased a license and gave it a try. Looks good :) Now I just have to find the time to watch the tutorials ^_^

@zerok if you come across any questions feel free to ask

@lastfuture I'd like to counter holding off on Affinity-Designer with the argument of getting it now, and supporting the further development of it! Also giving as much feedback to Affinity as possible in order to help mature the product faster and being part of shaping the transition to make it easier.

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