social media debate often seems the equivalent of being stuck in a room of students who are trying to bluff they way around the fact that almost no one's done the required reading and getting into a heated argument over nothing because the other option is to sit there in silence and the teacher finding out they don't know what they're talking about. meanwhile the teacher is bored, doesn't care, but didn't have any lesson plan beyond "let the students argue".

i once spent over half an hour in class during my Masters listen to a guy argue that feminism was bad without knowing what feminism meant. He ended up arguing that just because he believed women should have equal pay, equal rights, and that things were currently unbalanced in favour of men, didn't make him a feminist, because the word was bad.

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Is there a term for when someone plays devils advocate to cover for the fact that they're ignorant on a subject?

"Look i have no knowledge or experience of this topic, but i read one article and i'm taking an interest now and i know my opinion is needed. Who would like to debate me?"

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@mxsiege Ever since I've learned to keep quiet or admit that I have no opinion or I'm not informed enough I'm so much happier. Embrace the gap! (German proverb)

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