When I was a student a car ran over my only optical mouse (don't ask). I made this cobbled together mess from the pieces and used it for quite some time afterwards because I couldn't afford a new one at the time

@lastfuture 😂😂😂

Mein Papa hatte früher so 'ne Dose für seine Fisherman's im Auto!

@esureL In der Fishermansdose habe ich Schrauben von/für Desktopcomputer. :D @lastfuture

@thegibson Seein posts like this make me feel amazed and terrified at the same time. Amazed because I have so much respect for people that find ways to reuse/repair old tech beyond my imagination.

Terrified, because I was never in a situation where I couldn't just buy a new mouse without even thinking about it. Now, having three mice in my drawer that are unused, I feel like my lifestyle is wasteful and I don't value the stuff I have enough.


Exactly my thoughts!
Thanks so much for putting them in words!

@lastfuture @thegibson

@monorail aww, no need to be sorry, that was a while ago and I'm much better off now. I really did miss the scroll wheel though

@lastfuture I love how the hole in the bottom makes it look like the laser is an ember that melted its way through. The red tinting on the edges of the hole add to it

@Steinar It wasn't so bad to use either, but I couldn't salvage the scroll wheel, so that was uncomfortable

Fantastic example of that old phrase "necessity is the mother of invention." Way to make use of what you had at hand

@lastfuture you should frame it. Suspend it in a lexan box from the cord.

@lastfuture This is the best fucking mouse in the fucking universe

@lastfuture Love it. 👍 Take this collage to Twitte, caption it "Prototype of first Microsoft optical mouse, 1997" and see what happens. 🙈

Problem is that now i'm looking at mine, wondering if it could drop "accidentally" from second floor.

@lastfuture nigga you can buy them for 5 bucks or get them for free, I highly doubt this reddit type of story is true

@leapfrog it was about 20 years ago, optical mice were mostly made by name brands like Microsoft and Logitech and they cost over 20 bucks a piece over here. That was the time when there was one LED backlit keyboard, the LEDs were white only and it was a 150 bucks import from the US

@lastfuture It sucks you had to do that, but it looks super cool!

@sk313t0n yeah I had to grab scroll bars with my cursor like a caveman

@lastfuture I still have my first optical mouse in a box somewhere (some grey Logitech laptop thingy) - I think I modified it twice during its lifetime: once to replace the boring red LED with a cool blue one, the second time, some years later, to replace the blue LED with a red one because the blue light needed something like a sheet of paper or some other very light color material to work and I was tired of that crap.

@lastfuture Why I just got in 2 $10 Logitech wired mice as spares. All Logitech wired mice use the same 4 pin connector inside so if a cable wears out you can easily replace it.

@Klaatu because about 20 years ago when this happened optical mice were comparably expensive and not easily repairable. We're talking about PS/2 connector days here

@lastfuture Yeah I still have mine from then. The Microsoft optical mouse was surprisingly well made. Today you'd be tempted to use UV cured plastic glue to repair that broken case or 3D print a new one. You're lucky it didn't break the circuit board.

@Klaatu it broke the sensor for the scroll wheel though which was why I had to grab scroll bars with my cursor. It was terrible

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