How do you abbreviate "one million"?

@lastfuture <pedanticshit> shouldnt that be 10e6 </pedaticshit>

@phr 1e6 is 1*(10^6) in the contexts I know. where does 10e6 mean one million?

@lastfuture sry in that case i misinterpreted the ex phrase all the time :/

@phr no worries. Never too late to learn something new

@HappyWizard I think so. I could only add four poll options so I chose the ones I am most familiar with

Thanks, I was wondering why that one looked weird to me. But I guess in counties where they don't have the -illiards, this would be a fine abbreviation.

@lastfuture my IQ isn't high enough to use the last one in everyday life

@tammiii the last option was mostly meant as a nerdy joke. I'm not expecting people using it in everyday life anyway

non-helpful response 

@lastfuture "one million"! (not a fan of a.)

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