Very grateful that @ripper did drill a hole for a cable duct in my flat so I can improve my network topology.
As it is common in old buildings the walls are pretty unpredictable when drilling.
In the end we were successful.

Banana for scale.

@s0 @MacLemon @ripper didn't you know? You can transmit DSL trough bananas!

They aren't really a lot worse, than the old telephone wires used to provide "internet" in most of germany.

@betalars We're totally aware, though we'd need a *second* banana in that case. Wet thread works significantly better than bananas though.
@s0 @ripper

@MacLemon @betalars @s0 @ripper I think @vidister once proved that vdsl2 can provide up to 16mbit with just one cable connected, so one banana would be significantly faster then the dsl connection at my parents-in-laws house ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@Cheatha @MacLemon @betalars @s0 @ripper You all can be grateful that I have no banana at hand to test things..


@s0 since you asked, I found this in the comments on the wet string ADSL article:
Here's 50+ mbps VDSL over banana...:

Cheers! ;)

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