Ich könnte die Mitbewohnerinnen heute mit meiner neuen IoT-Badge ärgern und beim ESC-Schauen Geld für die Getränke verlangen. Finden die bestimmt dufte

This is precisely why I don't trust Google with much of my data anymore. I'm happy to see my purchase history report comes up clean.

“Google has been tracking nearly everything you buy online — see for yourself with this tool”

Available fonts are looking nice as well. Using Free Sans from the Adafruit GFX library. This device makes me happy

yeah … OK, I'm gonna have fun with this. Best IoT device ever!

I couldn't resist and made myself familiar with Badgy by compiling the examples. Wifi is working great, the e-ink is looking good. Parsing JSON on an Arduino feels weird

Aww yeah, my Badgy IoT badge has arrived. I'll have fun with this on the weekend

I ordered a Badgy IoT e-ink badge so I can do absolutely nothing productive with it. I'll have tons of fun with it though


"Try to send me an emoji"

Yes, I tried. Apparently you suck at emoji.

If you ever want a clean aesthetic illustration of yourself or your character, I suggest you keep an eye out when @elliemars is opening their commissions.

This is their illustration of my half-elf cleric trickster charlatan and I love it 💜

The best part about a robot vacuum is lying on the couch watching it do your work

The content density on my work Desktop has reached its second layer. I'm tempted not to clean it up to see how deep I can go.

Soldering iron product shots are a special breed. You can heat up a button cell or you can melt your glove with this product

Important lesson for poster desing: learn where your design will be separated for large applications and plan accordingly.


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