I haven't seen a printer mess up like this since 1998 when I wiggled on my LPT1 while printing from DOS.

It's comforting to see that over two decades later printers still suck, but now they suck via WiFi

Rarely have I felt more prepared for a role playing session. I love the new Shadowrun character and gear sheet I made today


Hello Apple, I think your Fontbook Resolve Duplicates dialog didn't find any data to replace the placeholder labels :D

Adobe, I don't think you're doing yourself a favor – or your "Adobe Campaign" service for that matter – by not testing this mail template thoroughly.

I don't even know how ignorant you need to be to park like that. Bonus dummy points for the German flag seat covers

I'm using Carrot Weather not just for its snarky personality and comments but also because it's actually a bloody good and pretty weather app.

Our printer has decided that it's to hot. In a fit of protest it's printing everything with 100% magenta now

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Random fact: I've only recently thrown away a metal elevator call button from London Victoria Underground Station. I've had it since 1999.

I was visiting London on a school trip when we witnessed a fight in the station. The one guy threw the other against the elevator door and the button fell off. I picked it up after the air cleared and it has been sitting on my various desks until a few weeks ago.

Today is a Network Link Conditioner day. I always have to laugh at the bad icon that was clearly made by some dev at Apple

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