We could agree that replacing a varchar with an enum is not flexible enough. Our new plan is to replace the varchar with 255 enums.

"We could use varchar" – "Or let's brute force all possible texts and use enum" – "OK but only if we replace the text input with a drop down menu"

I don't know. Do I love or loathe my colleagues for conversations like these?

HP printer service (-) 

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or maybe the colleague ran `cat /dev/urandom > /dev/lp`

I haven't seen a printer mess up like this since 1998 when I wiggled on my LPT1 while printing from DOS.

It's comforting to see that over two decades later printers still suck, but now they suck via WiFi

@esureL better than "We're sorry, we do not have an advertising deal with playerpro. Did you mean Spotify?"

@rixx ich geh für die Mittagspause später dort einkaufen und kann sie dir fotografieren. Schmecken exakt wie die, die ich aus den Niederlanden kenne

@rixx Penny hat sehr authentische Stroopwaffeln im Sortiment

Rarely have I felt more prepared for a role playing session. I love the new Shadowrun character and gear sheet I made today

@utf8equalsX if you're up for some C programming, it's not very hard to write your own weather app with custom views and any API you like. There's also still a very active Discord server for pebbledev

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