Would anyone be interested in hearing about our #FOSS adventure? We''re a feminist non-profit in the midst of migrating from Windows to #Linux: servers and desktops! We try to be as #opensource as possible, for ethical, security and privacy reasons.

@Gina That sounds interesting, I would be interested to know what kind of problems you encounter

@Matter Issue nr. 1 in our #FOSS adventure: deciding which software to bet on; #Zimbra or #Kopano? #Rocketchat or #Matrix? #LibreOffice or #OnlyOffice? The only app we never doubted was #Nextcloud ❤️

Server side; do we go with #proxmox or with #kvm? What to do with our HR software that runs on Windows? How will authentication work with FreeIPA?

Then, what desktop OS? #Fedora, #Debian or #Ubuntu? Do we need virtual desktops? Surprise: we chose Linux Mint.


@Gina @Matter if you haven't decided on it yet, give zulipchat.com/ a try. It has a very good concept for organizing channels/groups/streams/tags, in my opinion.

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@laufi @Matter huh that actually looks quite good, thanks!

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