Hey experts. I'd like to host an instance for an but since they obviously care about resources and I heard that has a heavy footprint I struggle to find a middle ground. Do you have ideas what to do about it? I e.g. heard about but it is nothing near production ready yet.

Boosting is highly appreciated. :)

@laufi Where do you want to run the instance? Maybe searching for a hoster using 100% green electricity could be the answer.

@macst3r there is no way we're going to use non renewable energy. But if we want to get 100% renewable, we need to reduce power consumption wherever it is possible. is also a big topic right now.

Not an expert, but:
Is Pleroma an option? I think it's more lightweight?!

@nevial haven't tried it, but the standard UI seems kind of non-intuitive. But i will consider it. :)

@nevial @laufi
You can host #Pleroma on a @raspberrypi Pi...
And you can run a pi off a solar panel / regulator / battery combination

@mark @nevial @raspberrypi that is amazing thanks for the hint!
But we'll probably stick with bigger hardware, since we want to be able to have a lot of people on the instance.

Do you have some experience with theming pleroma?

A Single Board Computer sips power in comparison to traditional computers, and the Pi 4 or Rock64 are pretty capable devices...

I did use Pleroma briefly... but no, I haven't got any technical experience with it. I would like to have a go with it though, for much the same reason as you. :)

@mark i don't think that a pi will be sufficient for an instance that will potentially have thousands of users. :/
But i'd really like to try this out with a private instance. :)

@laufi interesting. all internet apps have have footprint? little of topic. what about helpt by sponsor wind/solarpanel tools? btw since december i enjoy using:

@seeh i think compensation is important. But in general, we need a paradigm shift from fast development of "bloated" software to a more sustainable development both in terms of support quality and resource efficiency.

@laufi is it a good think to use riot chat as a comunit? using rooms?

@seeh I think it is a different thing that we are looking for right now. But nonetheless I would love to have something like that for our members.

@liaizon @laufi @bob If you want to host a few accounts on minimal hardware then Epicyon is ok. If you want to host hundreds or thousands then use Pleroma.

@bob @liaizon @laufi Was gonna suggest epicyon for what is probably a small staff count. :)

@liaizon @laufi #pleroma can run on a #raspberry, so it uses less resources than #mastodon and it has already released a stable 1.x version so it should be production ready

@laufi In common use are Pleroma, which needs a fair bit less oomph, and Misskey, which is a complete mystery, but "heavy footprint" is also somewhat relative.

I don't know that anybody has a large collection of stats about this (would be a nice thing to have), but anecdotally: i.w (~80 weekly active users, large amount of connected instances due to age) runs a load average of like, .5 (so basically nothing), the main thing is 6GB memory usage sustained - but easily half of that is elasticsearch (which is optional, though without it you have no fulltext search), and it would probably scale to more users relatively easily.

good luck with the instance!

@laufi what exactly are they trying to accomplish? Perhaps they look into / writefreely and federate their content via ActivityPub?

@jon members should be able to discuss publicly.

@laufi Mastodon probably has the best market share/UX right now, perhaps also look at the Hometown fork depending on your use-case. Ideally you'll want to find a provider with S3-compatible object storage, since storage requirements tend to be high when you self-host.

@jon as for the ngos statutes are against the business model of amazon it will not be hosted on aws. The main focus will be low resource consumption because of energy efficiency.

@laufi I'd follow @greenfediverse if you aren't already for some ideas/feedback

@laufi Pleroma is probably much more lightweight / resource-friendly due to its usage of Elixir / Erlang, and its ability to be hosted on a Pi.

It also bundles a fork of the Mastodon column UI, for those that want it. It also works great with Mastodon clients.
as the host of a one-person instance my experience is not really telling, but I confirm things with Pleroma have been going well so far, happily using Fedilab and interacting with Mastodon instances, maintainance straightforward so far, etc. I run Pleroma with docker/traefik on a small server that does other things

@sean thanks, the thing about the column layout is really helpful!


Having servers running on clean energy would be the first step I think.

@christoffer we already want to take the second step. ;)


Having clean energy for the server will have more impact though rather than lowering the impact of one runned by coal or something else.

If you want a environmentally sustainable instance.

@christoffer so we should run less efficient software, because the impact is small?

@laufi No, just seems counter productive to not tackle that first, then try to use morefficient software as well.

If you are bruning coal for your server then you are adding to the carbon footprint more than you otherwise would.

The email server i use (posteo) runs on clean energy. Haven't managed to do the same with my mastodon instance for example.

Should definately start there my sir!

@christoffer but i did state that we want to take the second step, meaning that this is already the case, right?


You have never clarified that you want to use clean energy and that is a part of your plan which is why I am directing this at you 😜

And the project won't be green until this part is fixed which makes it pretty vital.

@christoffer I found this pretty obvious since its an environmental NGO but your right, never said it explicitly. ^^


Well, there are various factions focusing on different things so I don't take things for given.

Particurarly on the internet.

We have EcoFacism, people who only focus on what is "natural" and so on.

If you are going to do green energy that's good!

But if you are going to do a server that is resource efficient but not using green energy it will be a less damaging grey alternative anyway is what I am saying.

But we agree anyway so toodeloo^^ 😁

@Laufi Pleroma is supposedly more lightweight. I've also seen mention of some even lighter single user micropub software compatible with mastodon, but can't remember where at the moment.
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