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I have re-entered the world of blogs, by looking at my RSS reader again. I performed spring cleaning of old feeds, and would be happy to receive suggestions for blogs on: a) game design, b) networking (protocols, etc), c) cryptography.

There are probably quite a few other suggestions I'd check out, so don't feel restricted to these.

Boosts appreciated!

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Being an optimist is hard.

Being a pessimist is much easier.

The strongest people I know are optimists.

They have the strength to imagine a better world.

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@yukiame @fitheach Not where we live; unless you have a death wish (I don’t) ;)

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Site.js 12.5.0 release: adds macOS Catalina support


(Site.js enables you to develop, test, and deploy your secure static or dynamic personal web site with zero configuration.)

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NEW: We analysed 136 popular web pages about mental health in France, Germany and the UK and found that websites share users' personal data with advertisers and other third parties. Some also leak depression test results.

More here: privacyinternational.org/campa twitter.com/privacyint/status/

Ok. I know I prefer to post some errors on-line than to have an add-on that will send all my data to cooperating websites.

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Am I paranoid in not wanting something like this in my browser? I know Grammarly a very convenient tool, but communicating all my data with cooperating websites doesn't seem like a good trade-off. I think I prefer to post some errors than to have that.


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Shifting from behavioral, targeted advertising to contextual advertising "need not reduce profitability"—and would protect user privacy—writes the CEO of search engine @DuckDuckGo in the @nytimes nytimes.com/2019/06/19/opinion

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facebook monopoly money 

Forget the official name, I heard a better one:


It's so apt and succint.

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How about all you XMPP users give this one a thumbs-up, so that maybe we can one day talk to Wire users and vice-versa: github.com/wireapp/wire-server

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Love this. Very much in the spirit of what we’re working on.


Citing the post:

> Needless to say, isolated initiatives will waste effort and resources. Instead, if you or your team are willing to participate, if you have ideas, the best way is to join the coordinated Microsoft Alternatives effort by checking the project site and contributing to the discussion channel.

Interestingly access to project's website requires CERN log-in.

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