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I'm trying for n-th time (where n is between 3 and positive infinity) to learn Emacs (using Spacemacs). Installing packages often fails and it seems that it's because is not responding. Is it just for me, or is it down? Is there any mirror I can try?

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I just learned that the #Debian #Gitlab instance is not limited to the Debian project but open for any Free Software project. In case you are looking for a (new) home, I think Debian is a great place to be.

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#GitPub is a decentralized federation protocol based on the W3C's #ActivityPub, which extends #ActivityStream 2.0. It provides a server to server API for pull request, forking and subscription of repositories provided by #Git web services (services like #GitHub, #GitLab, #Gogs, #Gitea)... No code yet, but I like the idea! 🙂

Use of single letter variable names in source code has generally been long discouraged and even ridiculed (e.g. IMO rightly so.

In shell scripts use of short options is an equivalent, but somehow it seems to be preferred by many developers and ops people. It makes reading those scripts so much more mentally taxing. Just look at this:

dnsmasq -7 /etc/dnsmasq.d

WTF does "-7" stand for? Is it so difficult to type "--conf-dir"?

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Want a quick feel for the future of Web publishing?

1. npm install -g dat

2. Ask friend to install Beaker Browser (

3. mkdir mysite && cd mysite && echo "Hello, world!" >> index.html

4. dat share

5. Ask friend to open the DAT URL you’re given in Beaker Browser. They’ll see the index page with “Hello, world!”

#its #dat #easy #p2pweb

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BREAKING: An open letter to the EU from @vgcerf, @timberners_lee and dozens of Internet pioneers and luminaries warns #Article13's copyright filters would break the modern Internet.

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"The Uncomfortable is a collection of deliberately inconvenient everyday objects by Athens-based architect Katerina Kamprani"

Unix shell is awesom, but every time I have to do some extensive scripting, I'm wondering: is there a thing like bash, but without all the quirks. This person did a nice research:

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Five years ago, news broke of Snowden's revelations.

“The government and corporate sector preyed on our ignorance. But now we know."

"The revelations made the fight more even.”

Keep fighting, everyone. Privacy is a human right.

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@lazurski Well, at the end Github is/was a proprietary and central service. Extending Git with many nice features for collaboration, to fork, merge back, review, wikis, issue tracker, ci and last but not least with a strong social lock-in factor. I wrote down my thoughts already some years ago:

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datacenters do not imbue computers with special powers. if you own a desktop less than a decade old, congrats! you already own a server more than capable of hosting any and/or all of these:

- #gogs
- #nextcloud
- #pleroma
- #rocketchat
- #discourse
- #prestashop
- #funkwhale
- #hugo
- #radicale
- #standardnotes
- #prosody
- #wallabag
- #wordpress
- #etherpad
- #dokuwiki
- #ttrss
- #kanboard
- #pixelfed
- #loomio
- #pihole
- #taiga
- #kodi
- #searx
- #homeassistant
- #znc

(for free, forever)

Perhaps I was just naive, but this makes me sad:

So many people in IT think that MS did a 180° turn to embrace OpenSource. It seems more likely to me that they are tring to embrace, extend and extinguish.

Even if that's not the case, this kind of data acquisitions don't seem fair to me. I've put significant effort into building my profile, into issues and comments. What if I don't want people at Microsoft to control it?

I'm considering getting a laptop from a German manufacturer specializing in Linux computers called Tuxedo:

Does anyone here have any experience with them? What's the quality?

Nice interview with Richard Stallman by Dr Diane Hamilton. It's not often that I can listen to him in a conversation with a good, professional interviewer that is letting him speak and express the nuances of his position.

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