We are taking big leaps towards actually sending jobs to the laser cutter using ctrl-cut. What's holding us back is that we want to have complete binary parity to the last bit with the original driver - That way we can be sure not to break the machine.

Our knowledge has much improved and i have written a laser cutter simulator based on it

Thanks to many other people trying to reverse RDWorks laser jobs we are now able to partially decode laser jobs

You need to enable the "Output direct" flag in the work settings of the driver or light tones won't be engraved at all

If you can't seem to get the y-axis to move the laser probably is in rotary mode. in that mode it is possible to work with cylindrical objects by turning the object under the fixed y-axis. you can disable rotary mode by flipping the "Axis U/Axis Y" switch.

After the laser cutter boots it is always in emergency stop mode. you need to press the "reset" button so that the laser cutter accepts jobs again. of course you also have to do that when you actually used the emergency stop.

The circuit breaker in the antechamber can't handle the laser cutter and companion devices


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