Because of an influx of another 200 accounts after our decision to close the public registration only via invites I've decided to emergency disable all registrations. Even the invites. We will discuss this situation and further steps as admin team tomorrow.

@rixx @leah intense, folks! I hope you can still get some time to chill this weekend. Nice to see the fediverse growing but spikes like that must be difficult to manage. More power to you!

@leah Are the concerns based on server load or on community development?

@marble @leah Haha, "community"? I think we'll need to wait a week or two and then see if we can find our community again, or if this can't be repaired.

@rixx @marble @leah really hope so. Most new people I've seen should fit fine, but one or two might require some more introduction ;-)
Did you think about accepting donations (ideally via a charitable organization), so we can take at least some of the financial load off you?

@xpac @marble @leah Huh? We've been accepting donations for a long time now. Not via an org due to the overhead involved, though.

@rixx @marble @leah oh? Didn't see any info about that, and couldn't find a link on your or @ordnung's profile, and googling " donations" didn't turn up anything. Maybe put a link on @ordnung's profile? I wanna get rid of my money ;-)

@xpac @marble @leah Well, it's tricky currently, because liberapay is kind of broken, but before a month ago we regularly talked about the fact that we have a liberapay account and need the money to finance our instance. Until liberapay works again, you can use

@rixx @marble @leah okay, must have missed it. No PayPal, but I'll just sum my donations until either Liberapay or some org with an IBAN are available again. Thanks for your work :-)

@marble @leah both. But my decission was baased on technical concerns.

@leah how flexible is the invite system? Can your allow people only one invite?

@leah thanks for working on it.
Had luck today that I could register with invite link :awesome:

@leah Wow. That's a thousand new users in, what, a few days? 😳

@leah Auf die Gefahr hin, das ich mich blamiere: Als ich meinen Account auf meiner Instanz gemacht hatte, habe ich gar keinen Chaos Server gesehen? Woran lag das? Vor zwei Tagen circa. #Chaos #mastodon

@Kerekes ich weiß nicht wie du zur Auswahl deiner Instanz gekommen bist, aber wenn es über lief, dann weil wir dort nicht gelistet werden (absichtlich).

@leah Ok - gibt es denn einen Ort wo alle gelistet sind oder muss man sowas einfach wissen?

@Kerekes Viele auf Aber keiner zwingt dich deine Instanz irgendwo anzumelden.

@Kerekes die Registrierung war / ist geschossen. Man ist nur noch mit Einladungen riengekommen... der Ansturm war wohl zu groß.

@leah @rixx I totally support your decision like always.

And again thank you guys for putting up with administrating and managing this instance. I know this is pretty demanding at times and I absolutely appreciate all you do for this. 💗

So thanks again. You really rock!

@leah Is it a problem that could be solved by throwing money at it? (e.g. for better (virtual) HW)

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