Hey, the announced maintenance needed a lot more time than planned. We had to upgrade our postgres installation before migrating the database for mastodon v2.5.0 (what was not mentioned in the release notes). The new database migrations are currently running and will need a lot of time too. But this time it should work without interruption. So at the moment it seems that we will finish the upgrade tomorrow morning. But everything should run as normal.

@leah Sorry for thread squatting, but sounds like a thing that might make sense to be added to the release notes in future? :-) @Gargron

Ja das nevrt immer. So oft steht in den Upgrade notes nur ein Bruchteil der tatsächlich notwendig Schritte. Vor allem in dynamischen sprachen wir Ruby merkt man das dann recht spät.

@leah Does 2.5.0 need a new version of PostgreSQL? Which version?

@leah Danke für die viele und tolle Arbeit die ihr macht :)

@leah Thank you for all the work you're putting into this!

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