There will be a downtime now for further tests to fix our database to enable us to upgrade to mastodon v2.6.1#mastoadmin

Oh and there will be some lagging for the next few minutes while the queues are full catching up the last two hours.

@leah Have you encountered any problems with updating to the new v2.6 release or is it safe to do so?

@hello It should be save. The problems we observed where locally sourced.

@leah Danke für's kümmern. Ich hatte ja o2 im Verdacht als der refresh auf dem mobilen Endgerät nicht tat.

@leah You had issues as well?

Somehow the upgrade screwed our db big time.

Didn't have the time to do an autopsy so I just re-spawned a previous self.

@paolo nope the db was allready broken in advance.

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