@leah Immer wieder ein guter Reminder! Verschicke ich immer sofort an jedes Familienmitglied das mich nach Unterstützung fragt ;)

@rince @leah yes, but… some parents (like mine) don't use computers very often, so at first they didn't even know where to begin looking for a clue, they didn't have the tools for that kind of problem solving (yet). So I understood their "can you fix my printer" as an opportunity to train them in solving technical problem (i.e. searching the internet, reading manuals). Now they rather ask me things like how to set up PGP…

Still, the postcard is relatable 😁

@daniel_bohrer I like that they are interested in cryptography ;)

@daniel_bohrer and I agree, but if the sole purpose is doing IT-stuff I usually have no idea about...

@leah But, but, I'm infrastructure support and IT-support. I can fix both, if I have to, Windows Servers not included, Linux are. :|

@alsternerd @leah I forwarded that one to my family once. I do work on enterprise integration systems though, kubernetes, distributed systems, zookeepers, loadbalancers... All that shit.

Pretty much 💯 for me. 😎

@cringe @leah I'd love not to work with the frontend that often, but I have to.

@cringe @leah On the other hand it's very nice solving problems together with users, since they're mostly glad stuff is working again.

@alsternerd I "had to", too. Until I quit and picked a job where I didn't. One of the better decisions I did, back then.

@leah well the author should go back to printers and outlook signatures. That infra seems like it has things in the wrong places. And it's a bit dated, too.

@leah muss ich dringend für Weihnachten ein paar ausdrucken. 🤩

@leah @ckeen Mir wurde schon angekündigt „Über Weihnachten hast du ja Zeit, da können wir mal bei meinem Computer schauen was da alles nicht geht“...

So ne Postkarte hilft da nicht mal, weil $person eine starke Abneigung gegen die englische Sprache hat.


Nur Mut, du schaffst das :) Ich drück Dir die Daumen!


@ckeen @leah Im Angesicht, dass ich eigentlich nix materielles verschenke dieses Jahr kann man das schon mal machen :)

@leah 🤔
Jetzt brauchen wir noch eine Illustration zu "Beat me. Whip me. Make me use Microsoft products."

@leah muss ich mir gleich mal auf Vorrat ausdrucken und in die Schublade legen :-D

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