As promised here are the registrations statistics for over the last week. You could clearly see the influx from the

And in the second graph you could see that the number of toots per hour was increased during the congress by one third.

@leah Thank you!

Is the invitation policy (just invites with a specific number of registration) still in place?

It's importan to avoid mega-instances with 1000++ Users. New Users shall looking for a instances with less than 1000 users.

It's a federeatet, dezentralise Network.

@tunda we know. Thats one of the reasons we don't have open registrations for a long time now. Most of the time we suggest using another instance or running an own one for example the local hackerspace.

@leah thx. Glad to hear, ... and a happy GNU/Year.

lg tunda

@leah It would be interesting to see the toots per hour after say 1 week of January 2019.

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