Hey...sorry for the short downtime since 06:20 this morning. We run out of storage faster than expected. We fixed the problem for the next time and the instance is catching up but we will need another longer downtime in the next few weeks to move the system to a bigger host. We will announce this separately.

@leah How much Storage is your instance using, currently?

@leah (would like to compare with ours, which is at about 40GB after half a year)

@franzi ungefähr das 10 fache, bei regelmäßigem Löschen der Remote Daten.

@leah Actually, it's up to us to thank you very much for this outstanding free service and your adorable unpaid engagement. The system broke down today at 6 am and you fixed it one hour later. Lots of commercial services perform way worse. Kudos for this.

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