Hey, is there someone who uses the "holtWintersForecast()" function of graphite in their Grafana dashboard? I would love to see a real world example of this function in use because I couldn't find a single example.

@feld @leah I've been wanting to incorporate this in just have not done it yet. It seems interesting.

@feld @SlicerDicer @leah
I have been working with this with influxdb and the biggest issue is that you need to make grafana show the future and feed holt winters not-future data.

I did that afair by choosing -1day (the last day) to +1day (the future) in grafana and setting a fixed query timeframe of -1day

@feld @SlicerDicer @leah
You should also have a look at the confidence bands and how stuff changes when you choose a different timeframe for the data and also the season period... This can make a difference of day/night :|

This is not easy and you might end up getting pretty shitty data.
Stuff you might want to read:

@fink @feld @SlicerDicer well influxdb doesn't help, I need an example for graphite with grafana.

@leah @feld @SlicerDicer :/ you can't specify a timeframe in the grafana query? Shit..

@fink not sure if we are talking about the same thing at the moment

@leah You could predict disk usage (and throw an alert, if the disk would fill up in the next day)

@falk that's exactly the typ of problem I want to solve, but I can't build a query that predicts anything. The graph stops when the actual data available stops. And the options of the function only generate errors if I try to use them. So again, a running example would be great.

@leah Oh, sorry I misunderstood. IIRC graphite doesn’t support dates in the future, but I‘d need a graphite server at hand to test this.

@falk if graphite doesn't support it, why has it this function in the documentation? I'm a bit confused :D

@leah woaaah, haven't heard of that method yet, had a quick read and now I'm super intrigued. will have to try that as we have lots of metrics that follow a daily load pattern. it's even available in prom, so maybe I can incorporate that into smarter alert rules 🤔

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