Short update about our problem with the migration of the instance yesterday. We've tested everything before but not an import with the real data.

So it happened that the old image size was 50% of the new disk. Not a big problem I thought because the qcow2 migration and import process should strip off some empty parts of the image. At the end the new image should have a size of 350GB not 470GB. That would have fit the new disk perfectly along the old image.

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But... that didn't work. And our new solution seems not to be able to directly attach existing images 🙄

So after different attempts I found the only "fast" solution would be to compress the old image. Also it was late already so I thought a little longer downtime wouldn't be a big problem.

Well, I underestimated a little how long it would take to compress all the data, especially because most of it are images which means random data.

At the end this needed the three extra hours to complete.

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@leah @rixx
Thanks for all your work with this instance!

@leah Vielen lieben Dank für all eure Arbeit. Much appreciated!

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