My print of one of the latest creations by @davidrevoy arrived today! Looks absolutely amazing. 😍 πŸŽ‰ Thank you for your great art!

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@crossgolf_rebel @davidrevoy das Bild ist von seinem Blog und dann wo es dir beliebt. :)

@leah 😍 oh wow! Thank you for sharing a picture! It looks like the print really do justice to the saturation of colors. πŸ‘

It's so beautiful.
The print really look likes a paint.


@davidrevoy absolutely. I had to crop it a little, because the printing service didn't offer the exact format but yes the colors are beautiful. And also the structure of the brushes comes out totally realistic on the canvas :)

It will hang over my working desk later. It has this great feeling of "I can do everything!" ;)

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