Which relationship model suites you best? If possible, please select one of the following models. If none of the options is suitable for you, please leave a comment.

It is not important whether you live the relationship model at the moment or not.

I really like this image explaining the multitude of non monogam relationships :D

So, what exactly does "Relationship anarchy" mean?!

@LupineNaturFeinkostMerzig @leah

Argh. Now that I know what "Relationship Anarchy" is I think you have to re-do your poll. I clicked the wrong button^^

That is finally something that explains how I always viewed relationships. I think I'll have to read a bit more about that topic… 😄

@leah what's the difference between open relationship and polyamory? We had this discussion in a meetup before and couldn't agree on a common definition.

@laufi polyamory is multiple full relationships at the same time. Relationship anarchy is much much broader and a different approach to relationships and not that fixed on a classic "relationship" thingy see: mehrplatzfuerdieliebe.blogspot

@leah sorry i meant open relationship vs. polyamory.

@laufi "open relationship" is usually meant as a subset of the possibility space of polyamory. e.g. having sex or cuddling with other people is usually okay in an open relationship, but there is only one "full" (romantic) partner. in contrast, polyamory is having multiple "full" relationships with multiple people at the same time. // @leah

@leah Whoa.

Would be nice if the image was a bit larger, because I can't really read all the text.

@leah This must be the most confusing diagram I have ever seen

@lm ist linked somewhere in the other replys.

@leah Can i get that in higher resolution or as an SVG? This looks real fun!

@1183519e kannst dich ja mal auf dem Wimmelbild suchen das ich noch in den Thread gehängt habe :P

@leah Joa, ein paar dieser Thesen kann ich schon mehr oder weniger toll finden.

Ach, vermutlich muss ich mich ja auch auf kein Label festlegen, solange ich die Dinge kommuniziert bekomm, wenns drauf ankommt.

@leah I voted Monogamy, but that's heavily biased because I haven't actually experienced any other kind of relationship and it works at the moment 🤷‍♀️

I'm not closed to the idea, but not actively seeking anything.
I've never actively sought to be in a relationship though.

@leah option for "aaaah I have no idea" but I voted according to what I've mostly done so far in life!

@iguana @leah I fall solidly into this category too really. 🤷‍♀️ Don't know till you've tried them all! I think most people haven't tried all options.

@s @iguana I haven't tried all options in the chart, but I've tried all in @leah's survey! Nearly all of them were good fits at the time, too :)

@rixx @leah @s I'm not sure what my two non-monogamous rels counted as, but both ended disastrously mostly due to my jealousy, which I guess was either low self-esteem issues at the time, or because I'm actually monoamorous. At any rate, I'd hope I'm slightly more emotionally mature than I was ~15 years ago and would handle it better now.

@iguana @s Hard relate, that's a thing. I've flopped back and forth a bit between being monogamous vs not (started out that way by default, was unhappy, tried it again for a partner).

@leah polyamory, but leaning toward relationship anarchy. Essentially, non-hierarchical polyam with a heavy dose of letting each relationship be what it is without judgement, but I value letting people know where they stand with me (and vice versa) too much to go full RA


@leah I thought I was polyamourous, but according to your image I am probably more of a relationship anarchist. Although I don't really like the concept of relationships in that sense

@leah Hard to vote for me, i am in a monogamous relationship. But, we are open to date other people (or play with them), but only after clear communication and having input from the other. In practice this mostly means that my partner has had a few dates with other women. I haven't had those for now, who knows, maybe in the future.

@leah you could categorize this maybe under an "open relationship" to some degree. But i feel, that is more open (and from what i've seen with others, ending in a lot of drama for a lot of people).

@leah and according to the image we fall somewhere in the BDSM & D/s with the ability to play with other people.

@leah isn't this mostly arguing semantics?

I can prick from monogamy / ethical non-monogamy / whatever else

(my pick is ethical non-monogamy)

@uint8_t not sure if I get you right. Yes the boundaries are floating but it's a question about self-conception.

@leah I meant it comes down to how you define the terms.

@uint8_t for this kind of question this is allways the case if you don't ask them in personal conversation. But thats a normal inaccuracy you have to consider if you read such a poll.

@uint8_t @leah To my understanding, there are established different meanings to the three non-monogamous options in the poll. So yeah, of course you can use other definitions, but you could say that about anything using words ^^

@rixx @leah how would polyamory exclude RA (and vice versa)? those aren't competing ideologies/philosophies.

@uint8_t @rixx no they are not competing but they are describing different models or things that are the key in the relationship. So for example polyamory is also possible with a strictly traditional view what is a relationship. Also you can say that polyamory is a to fixed concept from a RA perspective. It's complicated so there is a reason why they are not called the same even if they don't exclude each other.

@uint8_t @rixx Thats the reason why I asked which "suites you best", not whats the box you will never leave again.

@leah I would not have expected those results. o.O

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