Which relationship model suites you best? If possible, please select one of the following models. If none of the options is suitable for you, please leave a comment.

It is not important whether you live the relationship model at the moment or not.

@leah isn't this mostly arguing semantics?

I can prick from monogamy / ethical non-monogamy / whatever else

(my pick is ethical non-monogamy)

@uint8_t not sure if I get you right. Yes the boundaries are floating but it's a question about self-conception.

@leah I meant it comes down to how you define the terms.

@uint8_t @leah To my understanding, there are established different meanings to the three non-monogamous options in the poll. So yeah, of course you can use other definitions, but you could say that about anything using words ^^

@rixx @leah how would polyamory exclude RA (and vice versa)? those aren't competing ideologies/philosophies.


@uint8_t @rixx no they are not competing but they are describing different models or things that are the key in the relationship. So for example polyamory is also possible with a strictly traditional view what is a relationship. Also you can say that polyamory is a to fixed concept from a RA perspective. It's complicated so there is a reason why they are not called the same even if they don't exclude each other.

@uint8_t @rixx Thats the reason why I asked which "suites you best", not whats the box you will never leave again.

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